QBOT to the Rescue

By now you know the Quilts & Vines quilt show is right around the corner (Saturday, August 9, 2008) and you may be trying to get that last quilt top quilted for the show.

Did you know that QBOT has come to save our local quilters hours of extra work by doing their quilting for them?

“Who is this QBOT you speak of,” you ask?


QBOT is an automated quilting computerized accessory that attaches to the Husqvarna Viking New Generation home-size quilting frame and Husqvarna Viking Mega quilter sewing machine. Automatic hands-free movement creates the perfect design. You are now the professional! Just think about all of those quilting projects that you started, but never finished. The QBOT will complete your quilting projects for you in a fraction of the time.


QBOT offers the automation of a simple one-touch GO and STOP quilting. Similar to an embroidery machine, once the quilt is loaded on the frame, select the design, push the button, and the work is done! I love it!

Since it quilts all by itself, I can be doing other things while it stitches – cut out my next project or sew on a near by sewing machine. When the row is complete, the quilt is rolled to the next section and QBOT starts again. Roll and repeat until it’s complete!

Pictured below is the very first quilt I quilted using the quilting frame and QBOT.


With more than 18 quilting designs included, and optional software to create unlimited quilting designs, you can start creating beautiful quilts immediately. Or “record” your own one-of-a-kind patterns, and repeat them the same way. Designs can be scaled to fit a variety of blocks, rectangles, and border sizes.


Click here to watch the QBOT in action!


Great Introductory SAVINGS!

We are offering a limited time introductory price for the frame, Mega Quilter sewing machine, Cruise Control and QBOT. The Husqvarna Viking quilting frame is 10 feet long and can accommodate a quilt 120 inches wide.

Come in, try it out, and see what everyone is talking about! We will also have the QBOT and frame set up at the Quilts & Vines Quilt Show and Wine Tasting event on Saturday, August 9, 2008 at Strawbale Winery. Click here for ticket information.


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