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Classmates Bag of the Month

Classmate Pattern by Atikson Designs

Classmate Bag of the Month Collection


The Classmates Bag can help keep your life, crafts, or yourself, together with this incredible little tri-fold organizer, constructed with some of your favorite fabrics and clear vinyl. When closed it looks like a chic little clutch but unlatch the clip and it unfolds to revel tons of pockets, some open for slide-ins and some zippered, but most having vinyl fronts so you can see just about everything at a single glance. Closed this tote measures about 7″ x 12″ x 1″ and open 21″ x 12″.

Heirloom Creations has selected three fun color ways for available kits. See color options below.

Classmate’s Secret Weight Saver


byAnnie's Soft & Stable

The key to the light weight feel of this tote is using ByAnnie’s Soft & Stable product. This is the hottest new substitute for fusible batting! This new product allows you to SKIP machine quilting the fabric to the batting base to create stiffness. It will hold together by simply stitching the Soft & Stable into the projects’ seam allowance. It will give any project its long lasting shape and it is iron, washer and dryer safe! We sell both the 58″ wide black and white versions of Soft & Stable by the yard.

Classmate Construction Helpful Supplies

With the amount of clear vinyl pockets in the Classmates bag, you are bound to stick to something during construction. Whether it is to the insert of your cabinet or your metal presser foot, there are solutions you might already have within reach. The following are a few items that will make this project super easy:

  • Supreme Slider – place it it over the entire sewing area of your machine.
  • Wonder Clips (10 Pack or 50 Pack) – helpful to hold pieces together. With the thickness of the Soft & Stable, use the clips instead of bending your pins.
  • Edgestitch Foot – Create a professional topstitching look while using the guide of the foot for accuracy.
  • Walking Foot – as needed (you will know when you need to put it on!)
  • Topstitch Needles – This heavier needle will easily slide through the multiple layers you will encounter.

Classmates Bag of the Month - Inside

Not only would the Classmates tote be an awesome Christmas gift for that special person, maybe you need one for yourself. Make one prior to your next sewing retreat. This will help you take only what you need for the trip and to stay organized for the entire weekend.

We dare you to make everyone jealous at your next gathering of your ability to pack all sewing notions you need into one bag!

Patterns and kits will be available soon in the store and online.

Classmate Samples

Classmates Bag of the Month - Dark BatiksClassmates Bag of the Month - Red Polka Dots

Classmates Bag of the Month - Red Batiks


Join us for a hands on class on Friday, November 16, 2012 from 10-3pm to learn all the short cuts and tips from the teachers who made these wonderful samples. Their knowledge of the pattern, the order to do the steps and the opps they did will help you make your bag sew together with ease. It is recommended to have as many pieces pre-cut before arriving at class. Take time to double check the measurements and label each piece. Then when you arrive you will be ready to sew!



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