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Pinterest has inspired crafters, sewers, hobbyest of all kinds, foodies and everyone who loves looking at fabulous pictures a wonderful place to find great ideas. I have been using it to come up with Sewtopia club ideas since I started using it January 2012. What an amazing gathering of ideas, a great way to organize websites I want to re-frequent in the future and a TIME WASTER! OK, who has found themselves on Pinterest into the wee hours of the night? I have thought about setting a timer to kick myself off it at times, though I have yet to do that – I’m too busy pinning things.

Then I started hearing about Pinterest Parties. I want in! After an afternoon of research, I found a couple different ways to host a Pinterest Party.

  1. Each person brings an easy to complete craft and all the needed supplies to do with a small group friends.
  2. The host provides 1-2 projects for the group to make that night and every pays $10 -$20 to cover costs.
  3. Everyone brings a “package” with all the supplies to make the project with directions. Each person goes home with a craft to make.
  4. Each person brings three “packages” with 4x the project supplies. Person also brings the finished item to show. Each person goes home with supplies to make the item.

And of course everyone brings food inspired by Pinterest recipes.

Click here and peek at Sara’s Pinterest Party board.

These ideas are great for a smaller, more intimate group of friends. We wanted to do something on a grander scale that could include as many people as possible. So we came up with the following:


What is a Pinterest Party? – A gathering of creative people who have spent way to much time on Pinterest and need an outlet to justify themselves being there.

What: Think of a “cookie exchange”. Now substitute finished gifts instead of cookies. If you bring 12 gifts, you will receive 12 different gifts to take home. Use these gifts for friends, family, school teachers and co-workers (or keep them for yourself).

Where: Heirloom Creations

When: Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Time: Food at 6:30pm with gift exchange and presentations starting at 7pm

Theme: Christmas Gifts

What to Bring: 6 – 20 of the same completed Christmas Gift item. Selected item must be a unique Christmas Gift item that could be given to a wide variety of people and have a value of $10 – $15. If the item has a lower value, plan to include 3 or 4 of the item in each package. Food gift items should be limited to pre-packaged food items only.

*Since we don’t know how many people will be interested in this crazy idea, you are welcome to bring up to 20 of the same item. If you would like to receive more gifts, select a second Pinterest gift item to create as a second batch of gifts. 50 is our maximum for space. We were thinking 12 would be a manageable number of items to complete as well as receive.

Gift Wrapping: Gift wrap each item separately in a way that items can be peeked at when participants get home so they can select the right item for the right person for final gifting.

What to Bring for Food: One Pinterest inspired appetizer or dessert

Bring a Friend: Forward this invitation to a friend for a fun night out

Gift Presentation: Each person will be asked to show their finished gift during a show-n-tell presentation. This item will not be in the gift exchange. Be sure to keep your gift item separate and hidden until it is your turn to reveal your Pinterest creation.

Cost: In lieu of a cover charge, we are asking each attendee to make a $10 cash donation to help purchase batting for Project Linus’ children’s quilts

RSVP: Please call Heirloom Creations at 605-332-4435 to register

If you can not attend… But would like to participate, you are welcome to drop off your Christmas Gifts prior to Friday’s party. We will be happy to present your item and save gifts for you. We do ask for you to make the $10 donation to Project Linus to cover “gift storage”.

Pinterest Party Check List:
6 – 20 gift items – wrapped (Gift wrap items so participants can peek at the item once they get it home, but still be able to give it as a gift)
1 gift item completed for show-n-tell (not to be in the gift exchange)
1 printed project directions and link of gift item for Heirloom Creations so they can post the item on Pinterest. Please include your name and e-mail at the top of the page.
1 appetizer or dessert
1 printed recipe link for Heirloom Creations to post
1 basket or box to take gifts home in labeled with your name
$10 bill for Project Linus donation
1 Friend (optional)

After Pinterst Party Party: Join Heirloom Creations Pinterest board for all the gifts and recipes that showed up at the 2012 Pinterest Party Gift Exchange. You can then pick your favorites and make them for yourself.

To actually have your own Pinterest account you will need to have someone send you an “invite”. E-mail us at for your personal invite.

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