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Urban Nine Patch + 9-Patch Trunk Show

Laurie Parker has been an annual guest speaker at our Sewtopia Sewing Club for the past few years. Each year she takes a topic and creates a trunk show of quilts, runners and wall hangings that shows off her twist of creativity of the theme. Her selection of topics have ranged from Christmas, Asian to Fun with Panels.

In October 2012, her challenge for herself over the past year was to find how many different ways a 9-patch quilt can be explored (or exploded)! She always enjoys the classic blocks with this particular layout being no different.

This free pattern, “Disappearing 9-Patch” is a great way to take a super easy block and make it look complex. Try this quilt next time you are using up scraps too!

Disappearing Nine Patch Pattern

Disappearing Nine Patch Instructions

She is also the one who created the “Various Stages of Done-Ness”.

According to Laurie there are four stages of “Doneness” are:
Stage 1: Cut – Done
Stage 2: Pieced – Done
Stage 3: Quilted – Done
Stage 4: Binding – Done (or as many of us like to call this one “Ta-Done”!)


For a special highlight we featured a new ruler, the Quick Curve Ruler, that takes a 9-patch block and turns it into something kind of wonderful. Oh…Wait! That’s this designer’s company name! Jenny Pedigo has taken to designing modern quilts with style starting with some simple blocks such as a 9-patch.

This is our version of the Urban Nine Patch! By using black, red and white as our theme, we created once again a very dramatic version.

The Quick Curve Ruler is the key to chopping those 9-patch squares down to size. When I see this quilt, I see a faux double wedding ring quilt without all the work. This ruler has all needed lines for both cutting of the curves as well as squaring up the blocks when completed. This blocks are often made bigger than needed and then trimmed to size making for perfect intersections and a flat quilt. Watch for this ruler to be featured in an upcoming Ruler of the Month video.

PLUS you get this FREE Urban Runner pattern with the purchase of the Quick Curve Ruler! This runner only takes 1/4 yard each of the grey and red plus 5/8 yard of background. Finished size is 14″ x 52″.

Below are additional samples from Laurie Parker’s 9-Patch trunk show at our Sewtopia Sewing Club. Heirloom Creations offers a unique lecture presentation the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 10am, 2pm and 6:30pm. Check the website to see what the current topic is for each month. Open to all levels of sewers, quilters and embroiderers with any brand of sewing machine.

9-Patch Pizazz

Merry Mosaic by Atkinson Designs

This wall hanging has a 9-patch cream background instead of one solid piece of fabric.

Tile Tango pattern by Atkinson Designs

Tile Tango by Atkinson Designs

Disappearing 9-Patch



2 Responses to Urban Nine Patch + 9-Patch Trunk Show

  1. sheila currans November 26, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    A December Sewtopia??? Thought there was none scheduled. We have made other plans because of that, so need clarification. At the November gathering you said there were work days scheduled so no Sewtopia.

    Thanks for a reply

    • Sara November 28, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

      Sorry, it was a type-o in the e-mail. You are correct, there is not a Sewtopia Sewing club meeting in December.

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