Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler

Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler - CGRSRC3

Have you ever wanted to do a curved quilt block but didn’t want to do the traditional Drunkards Path? Then check out the Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler from Creative Grids. These blocks have a more sweeping curve that turns these blocks into petals and amazing new curved variations.

All of the strip rulers from Creative Grids are designed so that you only need one ruler to cut out an entire block. First you use the ruler to cut the strips. For example, these curved blocks require a 3 1/2 inch strip of fabric.

Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler - CGRSRC3 - Illustration 2

After cutting the fabric strips, align the curved part of the ruler even with the strip to cut the various shapes. Notice the little openings in the ruler to help accommodate the rotary cutter blade as it goes around the curves. This ruler does not require the smaller sized rotary cutters. The regular 45mm rotary cutter will work great.

Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler - CGRSRC3 - Illustration 7

After cutting all the shapes you will notice there is some extra waste when cutting the smaller shape B. By turning the ruler around you be able to cut another set of the shape B. Keeping this in mind you will end up with twice as many small pieces as you do larger pieces each time you use the ruler.

Corner to Corner Curve Strip Ruler - CGRSRC3 - Illustration 12

There are so many different combinations that these blocks can go into for many different looks. Even the ruler shows a variety of block layouts that you can use. Or check out the “Curvalicious” quilt pattern. Most of these patterns use 3 to 4 colors to create spectacular layouts. And remember you only make one block style to create all these variations.

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Check out the border on this quilt! How fun would it to be to add a border accents with curved blocks to your next project.


When sewing the curve you only need three pins. First, crease shape A and shape B in half to find a halfway point. Pin the centers together. Finish by pinning both the beginning and ending edges in place. Using a 1/8” seem allowance and a shorter stitch length such as 2.2 mm, these curves will come together perfectly. Watch the video for a up close look at the sewing technique. With a little practise on a couple blocks you will be loving to sew curves in no time!

Since you will be using a 1/8” seam allowance the blocks are larger than needed. This allows squaring up the blocks to be a perfect 3 1/2” square. When all blocks are the same size, sewing them together is a breeze.

I like to use the newer version of the Creative Grids squares for squaring up the blocks. Notice this 6 1/2” square has BOTH whole and half-size numbers? Turn the ruler around so the large black 3 1/2” line is visible. This side will  Assist in keeping your eye located on the 3 1/2” line. Nothing takes more time than trying to figure out which line to follow every time you put the ruler on a block. If you don’t have these new specialty Square rulers, it might be time for an upgrade. We have Creative Grids ruler squares from 2 1/2” all the way up to 20 1/2” square.

corner to corner ruler

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