Rapid Fire Hunters Star Ruler – 7 Easy Steps

The Hunters Star quilt block is a classic and it sews together fast! Well it used to be a royal pain. But not now! Using Deb Tucker’s famous Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star ruler, this quilt design will be a quick one to knock off your “Quilting Bucket List”.

This totally new way to construct the Hunter Star keeps each edge piece on the straight of grain, allowing users to trim blocks down to the perfect size at the end and offers sizes from 5”, 6”, 7” 8”, 9” and 10” Hunter’s Star block sizes.

Rapid Fire Hunter's Start Ruler - Petite

rapid fire hunter's star

Select from over 40 different layout options in two, three or four color ways.

Rapid Fire Hunter Star video shoot

Working with only strips and squares, there are no diamonds to be found when using the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star ruler.

The Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star ruler comes in two sizes. The LARGE Star Template constructs Hunter’s Stars in the 7” – 10” size. And the PETITE Star Template constructs Hunter’s Stars in sizes as small as 5” blocks up to 8”. You select the size that works best for you. (My very first size I made was the 10” Hunter Star. I loved the ease of block assembly and the larger block would be a quick king size quilt should I need to “whip one up”).

The directions that come with the rulers are huge! They open up to a full poster size layout that is double sided! This designer included so many illustrations and tips with this ruler, you are guaranteed success. There are even directions for LEFT handers on the proper placement of the ruler for each cut.

Rapid Fire hunter star project board 2

rapid fire hunter star project boardRapid Fire hunter's star project board 3

My favorite part is knowing that all blocks are trimmed down using the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star ruler to the exact size. This allows a little wiggle room if you are not an accurate piecer or if you are a newer quilter. Once the block is completed, blocks are perfectly cut at the end making for blocks to fit together and the quilt to lay flat at the end.

Here are a variety of different layouts while using the one single Hunter’s Star block. I had no idea how many variations could be created until I started using this ruler! There are over 40 different of block layouts for this process. Click here to see more.

Rapid Fire Hunter's Star quilt layouts

What is the meaning of the “Rapid Fire” portion of the name? Designer, Deb Tucker, has  spent years designing rulers for the quilt industry. Her short cuts, tips and ingenuity shows in her inside-out way to quickly make a block in a much faster way. “Rapid Fire” gives her rulers the extra credentials that guarantees a faster process than has been taught and published in the past. Give one of her rulers a try and you will start to understand what it really means.

We have featured Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Leymone Star ruler as a previous ruler of the month. Click here to read about the difference between these two rulers.

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Want to meet Deb Tucker? Watch this interview with her and Mary Fons on Fons & Porter’s website:

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