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How many of you are tired of cutting scrap fabric into 2 1/2” strips or 5” charm squares? Then let’s try something new. The Scrap Crazy templates set from Creative Grids and designer Karen Montgomery has an entire new way to approach scraps. These three special shapes will revolutionize your scrap fabric pile! And give you something wonderful when you are done! Take those leftovers you were going to throw away and tame them into the next quilt.

Creative Grid Scrap Crazy Template

scrap crazy 3

A funny thing happened the other day at Heirloom Creations. A good customer came in the store with these pieces looking for some extra colors to add to the scrap bag that was donated to her church.

Scrap Crazy Template 1

She was also looking for inspiration of what pattern to use to make it into about a lap quilt size. After suggesting cutting them up using the Scrap Crazy template set, I asked her if I could make her project for her so I could feature it in this ruler’s video. (I promise, if you come in to look for fabric, I will not hijack your quilt project from you)! I was just gitty with excitement with the possibilities!

Scrap Crazy Template 2

She more than happily ran home to get the rest of the fabrics and drop them off so I could get started. We added in a few extra colors and off I went. She was so kind to let me finish the blocks and show them off to you in the video. I started cutting all the pieces up into the available shapes depending on the scrap size. Thank you Deb Nelson!

All this to say…I love the fun way these rulers help use up leftover fabric! Clear a corner of your cutting table for a “scrap pile”. Leave the template set out so you can reach for it anytime you have extra fabric you don’t know whether to throw away or jumble back up into the closet-of-horror! (Or am I the only one that has one of these)? Take a few extra minutes to cut into these three shapes and before you know it those scraps will be a quilt!

Scrap Crazy Template 3

The template set consists of 3 different shapes. Each ruler has a picture showing where that fabric will be in the finished block. If you have the luxury of using 10” squares or 6” strips, it will cut these shapes in mass quantity. Otherwise, cut any scraps using any of the templates knowing they will complete an 8” square when done. I enjoyed working with these shapes because I didn’t need pins. Just sew!

Another use for the Scrap Crazy Template set is to add decorative stitches and embellishments to look vintage. Often when making a scrap quilt, we use a flip and stitch method which eventually you get stuck in a corner with a set in seam (UGGG)! With this block method, you always end up with an 8″ block! No problem!

scrap crazy 4


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Here are a few patterns currently available that require the Scrap Crazy Template set.

Goen Scrap Crazy Quilt pattern

Double Diamond Crazy

Thank you Karen Montgomery for your wonderful inspiration you offer through your patterns!

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