Spicy Spiral Table Runner – 9 Degree Wedge Ruler

shq-str-pattern_spicy_spiral_bargello_table_runner_by_school_house_quiltsSpicy Spiral Table Runner 1

The spicy spiral table runner has become an Heirloom Creations favorite. Being that it uses just eight fat quarters it easy to select fabric for as well as easy to sew.

We have put together a list of helpful tips that will help you easily navigate through making your very first table runner. Be careful, these are addicting.

Each fat quarter is sliced in a variety of different widths to achieve the Bargello look. Using a 9° wedge ruler and varying cut lengths is what creates the table runner swirl.


Use the new Numbered Pins now available from Heirloom Creations to keep the strips in their correct order. This great container holds pins numbered 1-10 on one side and 11-20 on the back side. Click here to buy!

marilees-numbered-q-pins-500x500numbered pins 2

Or use a Frixon pen, number the fabrics 1-8 to help keep them in order. The Frixon pen is removed with the heat of the iron. We love these pens. Pick one up in our store.

Use Best Press to help reduce stretch after cutting these gentle bias wedges. It will also help when sewing these bias edges together. (My favorite is the new PEACH scent).

Peach Best Press

With the fat quarters positioned so your cuts will be 22” long, follow the Spicy Spiral Table Runner pattern for exact measurements.

The TrueGrips have been used to keep the wedge ruler from sliding around when cutting. Be generous! They are wonderful for any ruler you own that does not already have non-slip grips on them. They are easy to see through and easy to move from ruler to ruler as needed. 15 grips per pack.


When selecting the eight fat quarters, any variety of colors will work. Select colors from light to dark or as shown in the video dark to light to dark. Have fun with the color selection. Every Spicy Spiral table runner we had seen has turned out beautiful. With Heirloom Creations’ ever growing collection of batik fabrics, come see what creative combinations you can come up with.

It takes approximately 3 hours to cut and sew the Spicy Spiral Table Runner.

Finished Size: 42” x 25”

The quilting of this table runner can be as simple as stitching in the ditch. We often stitched every other wedge on our samples. Use a walking foot with a stitch in the ditch guide to make this process even faster.



When creating the four stratas be sure to press half the seams one direction and half the seams the opposite direction. This way when you sew your wedges together each wedge is pressed the opposite direction. It doesn’t seem that it works out but it does.layering

To bind a curved edge binding must be cut on the bias. Use the Angle Finder ruler to help miter the extreme points at the ends.

This Spicy Spiral Table Runner is a perfect housewarming gift or a gift for anyone and everyone on your holiday gift giving list. Once again, be careful…we bet you can’t make just one!

Click here to see a ton of different color ways!

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  1. Kirk J. Shaw February 14, 2013 at 6:17 pm #

    The only thing that was missing was a set of matching placemats. The table runner is quite wide, so I needed to make the placemats shallow. I also needed to make them wider than usual, because we often have both a dinner plate and a salad plate on the table at the same time. I chose from the fabrics used in the table runner, using the ones that I had the most of. This is one of the placemats, layered and flipped in the same manner as the table runner, and then quilted. I quilted straight lines using the wedge ruler as a guide, to echo the wedge shapes in the table runner.