Squedge Rulers

What is a Squedge? (rhymes with “Wedge”)

A Squedge is a squared wedge. Wedges make circles but Squedges make squares. All Squedge rulers make 16 1/2″ squares allowing them to easily be added to an existing quilt layout. We had a lot of fun creating even just the FREE projects that are included in each of the three sizes of Squedge rulers. But with a little studying, color pencils and imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Squedge Ruler Family

Kits available!

There are three different Squedge sizes. Each Squedge ruler includes a free block and project to make. Visit Cheryl Phillip’s website Phillips Fiber Art for additional freebies for these rulers. You can also print a variety of black and while block layouts to color in to make your own color combinations.  

squeedge-15-ruler  squedge-18-rulersquedge-22.5-ruler   packaging-225-squedge-frontSquedge-15-group-smSquedge-18-group-sm


Squedge Ruler

Carol B. used the 18 degree Squedge ruler for this quilt!

If you think of yourself as a beginner quilter, this style of block is actually very forgiving. Being that these Squedges create such a large finished block, there is fudge room at the end. Yes, you still need accurate 1/4″ seam allowances, but when its all said and done the individual pieces are quite big! If you love this look, but don’t think you have the expertise, try it!

Preparing to Squedge…use TrueGrip Non-Slip Adhesive Rings to keep the ruler from sliding. Place the rings on BOTH the front and back size of the ruler. The Squedge ruler is used on both the front and back side to achieve left and right pieces.

TrueCut TrueGrips Non Slip Adhesive Rings


Begin by cutting all fabric into 7 1/2 – 8″ strips. Do not fold fabric in half when cutting Squedges. Be sure all fabric is right side up prior to cutting. If you don’t, you will end of with lefts and rights at the same time.

Each of the three Squedge rulers are clearly marked with all varying lines you will need to follow to accurately cut each of the different pieces. The open slots within the ruler make for aligning the fabric edges super even for the shorter pieces.

Sewing the Squedge pieces…as a garment sewer first, I was always taught to sew down the cut grain line. This method will have you sewing from the outside squared edge toward the center. This will help prevent any additional stretching the fabric will want to do since it is a slight bias edge. To help prevent extra stretching, always spray fabrics before cutting with Best Press. When the squares are completed, press a piece of freezer paper (shiny side toward the back of the fabric) to stabilize the center of the square. This will help hold all the edges in place prior to appliqueing the center circle or diamond.

Use the “Freezer Paper Applique” method to create the hidden circles or diamonds to cover the center of the Squedge squares. We used the special Sewline Fabric Glue Pen to easily apply a washable glue to form the appliques around the freezer paper. See the video for step-by-step directions of this applique technique.

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen Product Photo

Quilting this blocks is as easy as adding straight lines with a sewing machine’s walking foot. Added geometric lines extending out from the center of the Squedge blocks will add additional dimension to the finished design.

Squedge Ruler filming

Filming day of the Squedge ruler video

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