Triangle Genie – Ruler of the Month

How many of you would love to have a sewing genie in your sewing room? Now to can!

The Triangle Genie ruler was designed to create half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, attic windows, 3-D flying geese and 3D kites all from cut strips. There are 5 strip size options with this ruler, but you will see in the video you can make larger sizes just by extending the lines! With numerous variations on each of these blocks, the possibilities are endless.

There is no measuring and no wasted fabric!

Triangle genie ruler 8


If you have ever used triangle paper and was annoyed by having to remove all the paper at the end, this is your solution.

Triangle genie ruler 9To make half-square triangles, start by taking a strip such as a 2 1/2” strip. This will create 2” finished half-square triangles. On the wrong side of the fabric using a mechanical pencil or a fine line sharpie marker, draw all vertical and diagonal lines on the fabric. Layer this fabric strip right sides together with the second colored fabric. Sew 1/4” on both sides of only the diagonal lines. Using a rotary cutter, cut on all vertical and diagonal lines.

The 3-D blocks, the 3-D Flying Geese and the 3-D Kites, are each made by inserting a folded piece of fabric with the strips of fabric or cut triangles. Those 3-D flying geese blocks could even have the edges rolled down for an awesome curved block look.

This method totally speeds up any process because you all getting a mass amount of finished half-square quantities when you are done! This is also a great way to use of left over scraps or jelly roll strips. Just pick one of the six different block options and start sewing.

Since many of your current patterns and projects use these blocks, just simply adapt the method so you can use the Triangle Genie ruler and watch how much faster your pieces are completed.

Triangle genie ruler 7The Triangle Genie ruler would be a very handy tool if you are participating in a border exchange or a round-robin event. Most of us would shy away from making an entire border out of half-square triangles or hour glass blocks, but with the Triangle Genie ruler, the blocks will multiple before your current eye. And with the built-in five different sizes, it will be easy to calcite how many units around the block you would need before getting started.

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These quilts were made and designed by my good friend Mary Hollingshead. She has a long-arm quilting business here in Sioux Falls, SD called The Quilt Den.

She created her own quilt design using half-square triangles she made and received via a “Triangle Exchange”. Those are all 2″ finished half-square triangles. In here words, “They just seemed to keep multiplying!” This is why she ended up with three quilts so you could use them all up!

So for the next time you sit down to sew, try something new. But what ever you do, be sure to have your Triangle Genie Ruler close by. She will be the genie in your pocket, the wish to your command and the jewel to your crown! She is truly magical!





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