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CGREU1 - 15 Degree Triangle Ruler

15 Degree Triangle Ruler


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Product Description

With the 15 Degree Triangle Ruler from Creative Grids you can sew together 24 triangles to create a complete circle; 12 to create a half-circle; or 6 to create a quarter-circle. Also use the 15 Degree Triangle Rule to create Fans, Dresden Plates, and similar blocks up to a finished size of 48 inches.

Why Use the 15 Degree Triangle Ruler from Creative Grids?

  1. Embedded Gripper Dots – Non Slip ruler for precise cuts
  2. Easy to read black & white markings – Always know where and how far to cut
  3. Turn-a-Round feature on the rectangular and square rulers – a revolutionary design that assists quilters with accurately cutting fabric with seam allowances included
  4. Accuracy, Clarity and Non-Slip. No other ruler combines all three features

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CGREU1 - Package

15 Degree Triangle Ruler

Cutting the Triangles

1. Cut a strip of fabric the width of the finished triangle, adding ½” for the seam allowance. In this example, the finished triangle measures 8″, so cut an 8 ½” strip.

2. Place the 15° Triangle Ruler on top of the strip, lining up the narrow end of the ruler with the top edge of the fabric and the 8 ½” line on the ruler with the bottom edge of the strip. Cut along both angled edges of the ruler.

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 1

3. Rotate the ruler 180°. Line up the cut edge of the fabric with the angled side of the ruler. Line up the 8 ½” line on the ruler with the top edge of the strip and the narrow end of the ruler with the bottom edge of the strip. Cut along the angled side. Continue rotating the ruler and cutting until the desired number of triangles are cut.

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 2

Piecing triangles into a square

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 4
1. Determine the finished size of the pieced block and multiply by 1.414 to determine the diagonal measurement of the block. In this example, the cut fan block measures 6″ so multiply 6 x 1.414 which equals 8.484. To make cutting easier, round this measurement up to 8 ½”.

2. Following the previous instructions, cut 3 triangles from two different 8 ½” fabric strips and piece them into a fan. Trim this pieced fan to 6”.

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 5

Piecing a Dresden Fan Block

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 5-1

1. Cut two strips of coordinating fabric the height of the “petal” plus ½”, in this case 8 ½”. Cut three – 15° segments from each fabric, lining up the 8 ½” line on the ruler with the bottom edge of the fabric as illustrated in the previous section (Cutting the Triangles – #3).

2. Fold each segment in half vertically – right sides together. Press lightly. Stitch a ¼” seam along the top edge.

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 6

3. Finger-press the seam open. Turn the segment right side out and center the seam line on the center fold.

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 7

4. Sew these six segments together, alternating fabrics, to create the Dresden Fan. Press the seams open. Stitch the pointed edges onto the background square either by hand or machine.

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 8


1. Cut the 15° triangles from strip pieced units.

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 9

2. Use the angled lines (30°, 45°, 60°, 70°) to cut chevrons.

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 10

3. Use the center line to create “split” triangles.

CGREU1 - Instrucions Illustration 11

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