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Cuddle Rag Quilt Sample

Cuddle Rag Quilt Pattern


The Cuddle Rag Quilt is a fun twist to the popular flannel rag quilt.

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Product Description

Cuddle Rag Quilt Pattern is a fun take on the popular rag quilts using flannel. By replacing the flannel with Cuddle (the sample uses a fun Dr. Seuss print) you get a wonderfully soft quilt to enjoy. Another great project for Cuddle.

Tips for sewing a Cuddle Rag Quilt Pattern:

  1. Pre-wash all fabric in cool water and dry on a low temperature before cutting.
  2. Use a walking foot at all times.
  3. Select Schmetz Stretch needles size 90/14
  4. Use 505 spray to spray all the layers together.
  5. Be sure the nap of both the front and back fabrics run the same direction.
  6. Clipping is easiest done using the 6” Kai Rag Quilt scissors
  7. Pinning Tip – Pin parallel to the fabric edge. Sew on the left side of the pin.
  8. Use a 3/4” seam allowance.
  9. Select a stretch stitch. (It looks like a “lighting bolt” stitch).
  10. When finished, wash and dry the entire quilt


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