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Seam-Fix Seam Ripper


The Seam-Fix is a tool as useful as a pair of scissors.

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Product Description

The Seam-Fix is not just another seam ripper to put in the bottom of your sewing kit and forget about. The Seam-Fix is a tool as useful as a pair of scissors.

Ripping a seam is the easy part, there are all kinds of seam rippers available to take a seam apart, but what about all of those little threads that was holding that seam together?

Before you had to take your time to pluck all of those little bits of thread out one by one. Say goodbye to that eye strain, with the Seam-Fix and the specially designed plastic tips at both ends you can simple erase the bits of thread right off of your project and get back to sewing it.

The Seam-Fix Seam Ripper makes a great companion to the Electric Seam Ripper. You can use manual seam ripper of the Seam-Fix or make quick work of taking out the seam with the Electric Seam Ripper and then put the Seam-Fix eraser material to work cleaning up the threads.

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