2019 HoopSisters Embroidery Block of the Month

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We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery

Join us for the 2019 HoopSisters Embroidery Block of the Month. Starting in January (or the month that works for you), attend any Embroidery Social class and begin your HoopSister Fleur De Lis journey. 

You will learn how to embroider quilt blocks the HoopSister way, work with the popular HoopSister battlizer, experience how to quilt with an embroidery machine both the front AND the back at the same time, how to work with wash-away thread, and how to assemble the quilt at the end.

Below you will find all the quilt details, supply lists and helpful suggestions on how to pick out fabric. HoopSisters embroidery quilt blocks always comes in multiple sizes. Choose from a 5” – 9” block size for finished sizes between 40″ x 40″ and 70″ x 70″. Add on the optional border to make it even bigger. 

Click here for the HoopSisters 2019 Fleur De Lis supply list. 

Click the picture above to print the complete supply list.

Embroidery Social classes are designed to help embroiderers master a new embroidery technique. Those working on HoopSister quilts will be guided specifically through the HoopSister’s unique approach to embroidered quilts. Each block is embroidered individually which includes the quilt back fabric as well. 

HoopSister quilts are divided into FIVE sections. Designs are given out at class each month. Bring a USB stick to class to receive each month’s designs and directions. 

If you have never tried a HoopSisters block of the month, this program is designed to help you master your embroidery machine, become more familiar with embroidery features and create an incredible wall hanging or beautiful bed quilt. This piece of art will be treasured for years. A family heirloom to pass down to future generations.

HoopSister Block of the Month Fee: $199

HoopSisters has provided a flip book of pictures to look through below.

We also will be offering the HoopSister retreat projects shown in the flip book above throughout the year. There are three projects per month and will be offered at the Embroidery Social classes as well. We also will be presenting each month’s projects at the Sewtopia Sewing Club lectures.

HoopSisters Retreat Projects are $39 each, $99 per quarter or $299 for the year. 

There are a total of 12 HoopSister Retreats with an average of 3 projects each month. You will be able to pick and choose the retreat projects you want, purchase a quarterly collection or sign up to receive all the retreat projects for the entire year.

Sign up and attend the Embroidery Social classes at no additional charge to learn hands-on the HoopSisters Retreat Project techniques. Embroidery Social classes are scheduled monthly at Heirloom Creations. Please visit the class calendar to find dates and times that work for you. We offer both daytime and evening Embroidery Social sessions.

If you are not in the Sioux Falls, SD area please visit HoopSisters website to find a participating HoopSisters dealer in your area.

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  1. Suzanna Maria Dekker says:

    Beautiful patchwork !! I love the colors you used in the quilt !

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