4 Sewing Stars Land in Sioux Falls This Weekend!

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We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

We just returned from the first “Sewing with the Stars” event in Lansing, MI where we sewed, embroidered and laughed until our cheeks hurt for two full days. 

This past weekend Heirloom Creations played host to the “4 Sewing Stars” at Sioux Falls Sheraton & Convention Center.

We proved that when you align four amazing sewing stars in one room for two full days…

Magic Happens!

Marsha taught us how to couch yarn with an embroidery machine while combining multiple embroidery techniques all in one pillow. Everyone gets to make their own pillow!

Phil wowed us with embroidery software tips to help make creating new and unique designs with simple steps. His software examples are stunning! You must see them in person to appreciate all the amazing detail.

Liz opened our eyes to her most favorite sewing techniques and sewing and embroidery tools. She is a REAL gadget girl!

And I had everyone sewing in circles with fancy decorative stitches as everyone completed a miniature version of the famous Stitching Cosmos creation. No one wanted to go home after the first day…they just kept sewing and sewing once we let them loose to be creative. 

I even saw one gal sewing her circles backwards because she accidentally had touched her reverse button before starting…AND it worked! (The things I learned our machines can do!) Again, I laughed so hard all day my cheeks hurt at the end of each day. Keep reading why laughter is the best medicine and this event will keep you in stitches.

Reasons Laughter is the Best Medicine 

  • Laughter will make you more creative.
  • Laughter burns calories.
  • Laughter makes you smarter.
  • Laughter makes you focus.
  • Laughter can strengthen your immune system
  • Laughter can reduce stress.
  • Laughter gives your body a like-workout boost.
  • Laughter can increase blood flow to the heart.
  • Laughter can clear your mind.
  • Laughter can strengthen your ads.
  • The photo booth was a blast!

All the students in Lansing, MI said to tell you,

“You are going to LOVE the “Sewing with the Stars” event!

Sara & Steve Snuggerud

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Sioux Falls Sewing with the Stars event. Plans are already in the works to host this fabulous event again in the future!

  1. Karla Murphy says:

    Do you have a start time for Friday in Sioux Falls?

    1. heirloomc says:

      9:00am – 5:00pm

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