Does Your Sewing Machine Shake When You Sew?

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

Do you sew in a perfectly designed sewing studio? Or…

Do you sew on a table that shakes when you get up to full speed?

Depending on your brand of sewing machine you may experience the “Sewing Machine Shake” more than others. Sewing machines that bounce or shake can contribute to skipped stitches and break needles. 

And you thought it was because you had bad thread or a dull needle…it COULD be your sewing surface!

The Answer…

It is time to invest in a correctly designed and ergonomic sewing cabinet. 

The optimum situation is a SOLID surface that allows sewing at any speed without any problems. 

If you know you are having troubles because the work surface is not as sturdy as it should be, it is time to explore sewing tables designed for heavier sewing machine to eliminate the shake. 

We often hear of sewists that reduce the speed of their sewing machines and embroidering machines to half speed to eliminate the problems that are occurring. Our question is, “Why are you sewing so slow? You spent all this money on a faster machine and then you only use it at half speed.” 

This makes no sense at all. 

Sewing furniture is designed to eliminate the shimmy and bounce while you sew. Having the right sewing table is key to a successful sewing experience.

Come see our wide selection of sewing furniture and eliminate the sewing machine bounce.

Embroidery machines with the added embroidery unit can also cause additional bouncing and shaking when embroidering. Be sure to select sewing furniture that can handle the extended size once the embroidery unit is attached. 

Sewing furniture is also designed to be the CORRECT height. Sewing or embroidering for long lengths of time can wreck havoc on our arms, back, shoulders and wrists. Having your sewing station at the proper height can turn painful nights after a long day at the sewing machine into PAIN FREE nights. 

Don’t wait any longer fighting a fight you can not win. 

The most common comment we hear after someone finally purchases a sewing cabinet is…

“I should have done this sooner! Why did I wait so long to buy a sewing cabinet?”

We just smile and agree.

We have over 36 sewing cabinets currently on display. Come pick out the one that is right for you today. We also have a great selection of sewing chairs too!