Doll Blankets – “Quilts with Good Intentions”


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We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

By Carol Meyer (Sara’s Mom)

This post was inspired by Cleo’s call for Doll Quilts. We are doing two things with the donated doll quilts. First, selling them for $15 each with 100% of the proceeds going to help purchase items for the Charity Gift Bags such as much needed deodorant. All quilts not sold will be donated to Toys for Tots to be given out with each new doll.

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The doll quilts pictures are currently on display at Heirloom Creations and are priced at $15. Click here to see more quilts for sale…

As quilters, most of us know a thing or two about “pack-ratting” or hoarding, and we’re familiar with the jokes about whoever dies with the most fabric…or any other favorite collectible. But collecting is something we do; quilters do it with fabric and we have many ways, rationales, and justifications for needing that next piece.

We promise ourselves that we will use this new piece of fabric in our next quilt as soon as we get home from the store, that is, until the next trip when we see the next piece of fabric that catches our fancy. There are a lot of ways to end up with amazing collections of fabrics, from half finished quilts from classes, to those packs of fat quarters in different color ways. How about two hundred two-inch squares, all different that were nicely pre-cut? Then there is all that fabric left over from the ones you DID finish…thank God you did not run short!

I know that most of us have quilts that started with good intensions. You have all the fabrics, it may be cut, and it might have a few blocks put together. For whatever reason, it got set aside and it’s been years sitting and waiting for your original inspiration to return.

I have been through all the above and then some, but I recently found a new inspiration with Cleo’s doll quilts for charity. These quilts are anywhere from 18″ – 26” square. They do not have to have batting and they do not even have to be quilted if you wish. What I found is the answer of what to do with the many the odds and ends of fabric that have been sitting in my stash that I just could not throw away so I kept it, some for 10 or 15 years, or more.

These quilts are easy in that they are not too big. First I pulled out all the quilt pieces that started with good intentions but never got very far. They were easy to put together I have a number of small tops from classes that never got finished because I did not have a plan for it. I am having quite a time going through all my scraps to see what I might put together. If I find one fabric that I know I bought just because….but with no planned purpose, especially if it is only a half a yard, then adding another fabric or two can easily turn it into a doll quilt. Starting with a focus fabric can use up a lot of other scraps.

The blocks themselves do not have to be exotic. Squares are the easiest and make wonderful doll quilts, whether they are two inch, three inch, or any size that the fabric you have may indicate. Left over strips from other quilts can be quite handy. One doll quilt was going to be a blouse but I decided later the colors were not right for me but perfect for a doll quilt.

Another benefit is that I have gone through my fabric collection with a new set of eyes and am weeding out all that fabric that I just could not throw away. I have reconsolidated and regrouped all the various colors, and have pulled out all those odds and ends that were just lost in there somewhere…and in the process found more potential doll quilts. Now I have two boxes of groups of coordinated scraps and pieces that I can draw from for the next doll quilt…as soon as I finish the one I am working on today!

Want to donate a few doll blankets? Please call the store with any questions you might have and then drop them off at any time at Heirloom Creations. Thank you to everyone who has already helped out with this great to use up scraps!

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