FIRST LOOK…PFAFF ambition 610

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Machines

Welcome the most affordable Pfaff ambition sewing machine. The PFAFF ambition 610 is full of stitches and boasts a full 8″ of throat space. Any sewer or quilter should jump at the opportunity to try out this powerhouse.

The PFAFF ambition line currently features three sewing machine models. The PFAFF ambition 610 is the first in the line-up.

But do not let its simplicity fool you…it can totally hold its own when it comes to strength, speed, quality of stitches, variety of functions and space between the needle and the inside of the machine. Designed with all sewers, quilters, and crafters in mind, the PFAFF ambition 610 will surpass other machines of the same price.

Whether you are rocking a denim quilt or the sheerest of sheers, the PFAFF ambition’s ultimate feeding system of the IDT will make sure every seam is perfectly flat. With precision feeding at the touch of your fingers, all fabrics are welcome under this machine’s needle.

Love working with cuddle and Minky fabrics? The PFAFF ambition 610 will be your new best friend! No need to purchase a separate walking foot. Just engage the PFAFF IDT feeding system for the best results on every thickness of the fabric.

Mending projects and machine quilting projects often get stuck going through the sewing machine’s middle area. No need to push or pull the fabric through on the PFAFF ambition 610. With it’s full 8″ of inside space, projects will feel like they shrink in size as they effortlessly travel through the machine from any direction.

Functions like needle up and needle down and locking stitches are a must for many sewers these days. The PFAFF ambition 610 has both of these functions on the front of the machine. Easy access to some of the most used functions is always appreciated.

Having the ability to adjust the speed of a machine is key. The PFAFF ambition 610 is built to run at full speed at all times. But when taking it slow is needed, easily reduce the speed with the slider on the front of the machine. Help young sewers build their confidence by having the machine sew slower for easy guiding of the fabric.

Also for the young sewers, have them use the START/STOP button (shown just above the reverse button) instead of the foot control. They will love how they can control the machine with just a touch of a button.

The PFAFF ambition 610 has 110 built-in stitches! Enjoy many hours of creativity with unlimited embellishment opportunities. Stitches can be stitched up to 7mm wide while adjusting the stitch length to suit the fabric’s needs.

Sara’s Favorite Features:

  • Built-in needle threader
  • Super easy 1-step buttonhole
  • 29 needle positions
  • Mirror image
  • Twin needle option
  • GREAT LED lighting
  • Hardcover for easy storage or for traveling to class or a sewing retreat

When you are ready to step up your creativity options, be sure to add the PFAFF ambition 610 to your list of machines to try. Bring your own fabrics or use some of ours and put this machine through some paces. See for yourself why this affordable machine has more built-in features than meets the eye.

It is all in the details. The PFAFF ambition 610 will make sure you never miss out on any embellishment, topstitching, accent, or specialty stitch.

Come see for yourself why the PFAFF ambition 610 has all that you are looking for in a new sewing machine at an affordable price.