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by Sara Snuggerud in Archives

Schelp BagIn 2008, Cleo designed a free bag pattern now named “Such a Simple Bag” for its easy directions, simple short cuts, and perfect size.  Its main purpose is for shopping to cut down on the number of plastic bags we acquire, doing a small part to help the environment. To receive this free pattern, customers purchase 1 1/2 yards of fabric for a bag. We have seen hundreds of these bags made, and many of you have given them as gifts to family members and friends.

For 2009 Cleo offers a newly designed bag and another FREE pattern – this time with a purchase of 8 fat quarters! The Schlep Bag is a reversible bag that
holds a ton. With its square base it can easily stand up on its own when full and holds plenty of anything. To add body to the bag, scrap batting stripsmeasuring at least 7″ wide are used.

Cleo is known for simplifying a four page pattern into one page of instructions, and Sara is known for taking word-y directions and making them concise and
to the point. This pattern has been tested and revised to offer you an enjoyable afternoon of sewing.

Using eight fat quarters, one fat quarter is used for the handles, one for the half square triangles at the top of both the inside and outside bag, and
three each for the outside and inside bag body. Again, like the Such a Simple Bag, the handles use a strip of denim for extra strength and stability.

Sound simple? It is! This bag is perfect for quilters – the picture below shows how the simple squares are assembled prior to sewing up the bag sides.

Schelp Bag Blocks

And for variations let your creative instincts take over; add fun pictures transferred onto fabric using an ink jet printer, novelty fabric prints, or
embroidery designs. Note – pictures will need to be cut on point. For a thicker bag, skip the batting and make the bag entirely out of heavier decorator fabric.

Schelp Bag - Red

I would recommend making this bag one time following the regular directions with the eight fat quarters before experimenting with additional variations.

Schelp Bag - Floral

Stop by and see our Schlep bags on display, pick up eight fat quarters and have some fun sewing one for yourself on New Year’s Day! And remember to do your
part this year to lessen the number of plastic bags in our environment by carrying home your purchases in – NOT paper – NOT plastic – but FABRIC!

Download a copy of the Schlep Bag Pattern.


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