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We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

It is now cool to take your own tote bags with you to the grocery store. By reducing the number of plastic or paper bags used every time we go shopping, we can do our little part in helping the environment. And carrying a fabric bag is a lot more comfortable than carrying a plastic bag.

The last couple weeks, I have been trying to remember to take in the couple tote bags I keep in my car when I go into the grocery store. (OK, this habit takes a little practice). I do have to say it is a great feeling to carry groceries in a fabric tote bag that I know is not going to split open. Even if you shop for a large family, a fabric tote bag can hold twice as much as those wimpy plastic bags, yet you will still be able to lift them into the car. Did you know that many grocery stores offers a discount for every bag you use?

Cleo has designed a very easy tote bag pattern that is perfect to take shopping! It was so easy that she named it “Such a Simple Bag”! Even as I was typing up the directions, I could have sewed it without looking at the directions once I had everything cut out. These bags are even reversible if you decide to put a different color on the inside! This could also be great Christmas gift idea!

Total yardage – only 1 ½ yards for the outside bag, lining and handles!

Cleo’s Tip: Cut up old denim jeans to put into the handles for extra support. One pair of jeans will make enough handles for 4-5 bags.

Click here to download your FREE Such a Simple Bag pattern from Craftsy’s website. 

So the next time someone asked you, “Paper or Plastic?” You can say, “Thanks, I brought my own bags!”



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