Halloween Twister Quilt Kits


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by Sara Snuggerud in Projects, Sewing Tips

Pattern and/or pre-cut kits available!


We love the twister rulers! When we saw this witches hat pattern we knew this would be a perfect PRE-CUT kit. In these kits all the squares are already cut and ready to sew together. Totally awesome! There is a wall hanging size and an itty-bitty size. Depending on the selected twister ruler, this quilt can actually be made into a total of 4 different sizes.

“Twister” quilts look so much more complicated then they really are. If you love to only sew squares together, this is the technique for you! The ruler does the “twisting” for you. Don’t believe us? Click here to watch our Twister Ruler video to see what we are talking about.

If you can sew squares together and use a rotary cutter, than you can make these quilts! No math, no triangles and no major color rules!

The large quilt finishes 48″ x 51″ and uses the 5″ Twister Ruler.

The small quilt kit finishes 18″ x 19″ and uses the Primitive Gatherings “Itty Bitty Primitive Pinwheels” 1″ finished ruler.

Both rulers are available to order along with these kits on our website.

Did you know you can┬ámanipulate any twister quilt pattern into a different size? Each twister ruler’s directions will show the block size to cut – either 10″, 5″, 3 1/2″ or 2 1/2″. Just adjust cut size to the match the ruler and instantly increase or decrease the finished size.

“Itty-Bitty” Halloween Twister – Finished size 18″ x 19″

Close up of the “Itty Bitty” Halloween Twister
Pre-Cut kits available


Want to Go Twister Crazy?

Ever want to turn your own creation into a twister-style quilt? Once you complete this witches hat pattern, you will see how easy it would be to graph out your very own quilt.

Think of a cross stitch design like the shamrock below. Now use one fabric square for each grid block. Sew all the blocks together. Then use the twister ruler to complete the quilt.

Kits Available Now!

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