Heirloom Creations is Now Kimberbell Certified!

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We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Events

Heirloom Creations is now a Kimberbell Certified store. Think of us as now as Kimberbell of the MIDWEST! As of 2018, there are only 130 Kimberbell certified locations. Heirloom Creations will be servicing South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and a good part of Minnesota and Iowa.

Kimberbell Dealer Academy

See what Jill and Sara are doing at Kimberbell Designs Dealer academy. 8 events being announced! #kimberbelldesigns #kimberbellevents

Posted by Heirloom Creations on Friday, February 23, 2018

Being a certified Kimberbell location means we can host the exclusive Kimberbell Academy in-store events. We currently have 8 Kimberbell Academy events scheduled with 4 different themes!

The Kimberbell Philosophy

Have you noticed how saying,

I made this for you

Is just like saying “I love you”?

Kimberbell Designs currently offers 100’s of traditional appliqué and embroidery designs for BOTH sewers and embroiders. YES, you can get the SEWING version of these patterns! Their exceptional eye for the unique and cute all in one will have you making more time to sew and embroider. Along with creative designs, these smaller projects are easy to finish within an afternoon. When sewing time is limited, turn to Kimberbell projects to fulfill your creative needs. Kimberbell helps create sewing experiences that brings joy to our everyday lives.

What did it take to get Kimberbell Certified?

Jill and Sara traveled to the Kimberbell motherland in Logan, UT. This alone was no small feat – two airplanes, one rental car, 1.5 hour trip through snowy mountain passes and a 2.5 day hands on training.

During this time, Heirloom Creations was officially training and certified in all things Kimberbell both sewing AND embroidery.

Graduation Day

DID YOU KNOW…MOST Kimberbell DESIGNS ARE AVAILABLE FOR TRADITIONAL APPLIQUE. Also, if you own a digital cutting machine (like a Brother Scan n Cut or a Silliouette cutter), you can even pre-cut all the appliqués prior to blanket stitching or satin stitching the designs.

Yes, there are two of them!

Jill, Kris, Sara and Kim

These two amazing twin sisters have tapped into something amazing. Kim of Kimberbell Designs is a fabric and pattern designer and knows how to bring out the cute in all of us. Her sister Kris is the owner of a retail quilt store, sewing machine and retreat center also in Logan, UT. With each of them approaching the sewing and quilting market from two different directions, they have thought of everything.

Fast forward to TODAY. Kimberbell figured out that if they TRAIN stores to teach their own Kimberbell events, than Kim and Kris do not need to do all the traveling and teaching themselves. Instead, they now have qualified Kimberbell certified stores teach the events themselves. This allows each store to tailor the Kimberbell events to the time frame and style that works best for that store’s own customers, classroom space, and brand of sewing machines that they sell. Kimberbell than ships in an exclusive Kimberbell “POP UP” shop, Kimberbell exclusive fabric and embellishment kits and all the event fixings!

It’s like a PARTY IN A BOX!

Kimberbell POP UP Shop

Kimberbell POP UP Shop

For a store owner, this is an awesome concept!

Heirloom Creations can now host as many different Kimberbell events and Kimberbell clubs as we can fit into our schedule. We hope that you will look at our class listings and find a fun Kimberbell event theme that inspires you.

We currently also have monthly Kimberbell Club monthly hands-on classes. These shorter classes are available both daytime and evening sessions.

Here is one of our youngest Kimberbell Club members. This project was from the January 2018 Kimberbell Club collection. You can join the Kimberbell Club at anytime!

Codi has been a busy, busy lady the last few weeks! For her confirmation service project, she sewed 34 Valentines to deliver to the residents of our local assisted living facility.

If you can not attend a Kimberbell event, please take the time to stop by and experience the Kimberbell POP UP shops and the genuine Kimberbell way of life. It is contagious.

If you are not in our area, click here to find Kimberbell events around the United States. If you can not find a Kimberbell event near you, Sioux Falls, SD has a very accessible airport and we would LOVE for you to join us!

This cake stand design is one of 6 projects completed in the “Kimberbell’s Kitchen” 2-Day Kimberbell Academy.


  1. Sandi B says:

    If we’re not in your area (4500 miles away!), can we buy a kit to try out the Kimberbell projects? :o)

    1. Sara says:

      Sorry, Kimberbell kits are only available for students attending the Kimberbell Academy’s.

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