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by Sara Snuggerud in Archives

Bunny SlippersPack up your bunny slippers and come hang out with the Heirloom Creations staff! We are transforming our classroom into a Holiday Sewing Lounge to help you get your holidays projects completed.

Monday, December 15 – 9:30 – 6pm

Tuesday, December 16 – 9:30 – 6pm

Wednesday, December 17 – 9:30 – 6pm

Thursday, December 18 – 9:30 – 6pm

Friday, December 19 – 9:30 – 6pm

Saturday, December 20 – 9:30 – 4pm

Since the Holiday Sewing Lounge will be like your own mini-sewing retreat, we promise that there will be less distractions then trying to sew at home. No kids, no chores, no holiday guilt trips calling your name. Bring your sewing projects and a friend and get stuff done! Best of part of it all – you will have instant help at your finger tips from our entire staff to help you through the next step if you get stuck on something with your project.

Cleo and I will keep you going with delicious meals and assorted warm delights for lunch throughout the week while you keep your foot glued to your foot control!

So call in sick, beg your boss for a mid-week day off, or just claim insanity if you need a day to sew!

Fee: $10 for one day or a flat $20 for two to six days! Please RSVP for the Holiday Sewing Lounge at least one day in advance. Space is limited. Call 605-332-4435.

If you want to come but can’t get off work this week, then put in your request now to sign up for our January 2009 3-day sewing retreat.

4th Annual All-Inclusive Sewing Retreat!

Friday, January 23 – Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cedar Shore Resort, Chamberlain, SD

Will you want to sew until 4am? Or take a nap at noon? Sign up with a friend for three days of pure sewing heaven! Heirloom Creations will be turning the Cedar Shore Resort’s very spacious meeting rooms into a sewing paradise. This sewing oasis offers a massive sewing studio, room for everyone to have their own table with irons just a few steps away. This is a time for you; a weekend of laughter with sewing friends, no bed times, meals without the clean up and three days of uninterrupted sewing to let you focus on being creative at your own pace! There will be door prizes, games, and an optional special sewing segment. Space is limited. So sign up early!

Retreat all-inclusive price consists of: 6 meals, sleeping room and all taxes. Payment in full is required to reserve your space. Please call with any questions.

Shared hillside room*                               $350 / $390
Shared water view suite with balcony**     $370 / $410
Private hillside room*                                $420 / $500
Private water view suite with balcony**      $450 / $550

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