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by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery

Heirloom Creations will be offering the 2018 HoopSisters Block of the Month quilt starting in January 2018. If you are reading this blog after the first class, please call the store to get in on a semi-private sewing class and still be able to get the designs and full-color curriculum.

Shown without optional border.

We have done several HoopSisters quilts over the past 10 years. The Jacobean Journey, Feathered Star and Sewn Seeds quilts have offered amazing opportunities for embroiderers to push themselves and their embroidery machines to new limits.


HoopSisters always offer their Block of the Month quilts in multiple block sizes ranging from 5”, 6”, 7”, 8” and 9” blocks. Depending on the desired finished size and the size of a students embroidery machine hoop’s capabilities determines which block size is chosen to embroider.


Sign up for any of our scheduled “Embroidery Social” classes for hands-on instruction.

Class Fee: $199, and includes five HoopSisters Sisterhood hands-on embroidery classes at Heirloom Creations, all multi-formated embroidery designs in all five sizes and full-color printable directions.

Embroidery machines are optional! You are welcome to come to each HoopSister Block of the Month class to learn the monthly techniques and pick up your embroidery designs. Bring embroidery machines if possible to be personally walked through the exclusive HoopSister block techniques and than continue the embroidery journey at home. If you are unable to bring your embroidery machine to each class you can choose to just come, learn and watch others embroider without hauling your embroidery machine. Your choice.

Below is a complete list of all 7 PDF Supply Lists for you to look over. These pages will give you suggestions for fabrics, yardages, selecting thread colors, quilt arrangement options and much more.


Sisterhood OPEN ME FIRST


Sisterhood Fabric & Thread Key


Sisterhood Color Way Options


Sisterhood Optional Back


Sisterhood Program Guide


Sisterhood Binder Cover


Sisterhood License Agreement


Class Fee: $199, and includes five HoopSisters Sisterhood hands-on embroidery classes at Heirloom Creations, all multi-formated embroidery designs in all five sizes and full-color printable directions.


What makes embroidering a HoopSisters quilt unique?

HoopSisters is the inventor of Battilizer. This unique project is not batting and it is not stabilizer it is something better – Battilizer.

Battilizer is all that is used for this awesome hooping technique. Hoop one layer of Battilizer with no extra need for extra stabilizer.

The Battilizer becomes the batting for this quilt. The back of the quilt will be as beautifully quilted as the front. The back fabric is floated on the underneath size of the hoop. By carefully selecting the right bobbin thread color, the embroidery stitching will be greatly enhanced on the back of the quilt.

Students will also learn the art of sewing these pre-quilted blocks together the HoopSister way. Their second most popular item (after the Battilizer) is the Trimmer by George 2.0 ruler. This specially ruler carefully trims the batting away from the edges of the block’s seam allowance eliminating the bulk in the seams.


The blue 2018 HoopSisters Block of the Month is pictured with the optional border. The optional border CD is available for purchase for $69.

Shown without optional border.

We love the HoopSisters 2018 Block of the Month because it only takes two colors of fabrics and two colors of thread making is easy for students to select their own fabric and thread without too much thinking. Just find two colors you love and go with it!

If you are ready for an embroidery journey in the new year, join us and other fellow embroiderers for these beautiful HoopSisters classes.

Remember, you DO NOT need to bring your embroidery machine to class if you are not able to or don’t want to transport it to each class.



  1. Paula Conklin says:

    I have made two of your quilts. The Feather Star and Elegant Elements. I am enquiring about this beautiful 2018 Quilt. I don’t see a name for it though. I find them easy to make and they are beautiful. I have taken classes for the Elegant Elements quilt. The Feather star I did myself. Very easy to follow with your directions. If I choose to do the 2018 quilt, can I just purchase the pattern? Thank you

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Paula, If you are in the Sioux Falls, SD area please call us at the store for more details. Otherwise please contact your local HoopSister store. The 2018 Block of the Month will be available for purchase directly from HoopSisters in 2020 via their website.

  2. Linda Ost says:

    Hello, I signed up for this class with my local Baby Lock Dealer. I am having a very difficult time sewing the row together. Are there any tricks I need to know about since we are on our own. We did not get battelizer and we were told not to put the backing on each block. The quilt is becoming a nightmare and I’ll probably not finish it. A lot of money for nothing so far.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Linda,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. May I refer you directly to HoopSisters for the help you are seeking. I will say that the Battelizer is the key to the HoopSisters technique. They do have videos on their YouTube channel to help with the assembly tips for their quilts.

      Here is their website:

  3. Sally Spagnuolo says:

    Are there videos for all of the blocks? I am just getting started and would love to see videos on the first month’s blocks.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Sally, There are technically not videos for these blocks because they are meant to be taught through the HoopSister participating stores.

  4. Deborah Barnard says:

    I purchased the first 5 blocks from a participating dealer and we went no further after that as people droppd iout of the class. I have purchased all the material for the front and back (Isome I had to purchase on internet as the stores ran out). I am doing a King quilt for my children in China on their return and they selected the fabric and love this pattern. However I next got the 6-10 blocks to do the border. Can I order them from you.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Deborah,

      We recommend contacting HoopSisters for the blocks you are needing.


  5. Juliana says:

    Is there anywhere to share completed quilts?

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Juliana,

      We have the Friends of Heirloom Creations Facebook page for people to share finished projects.

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