HoopSisters 2019 Retreat Projects and Supply Lists

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We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery

Join us for the 2019 HoopSisters Monthly Retreat projects. Our reaction when we saw them was WOW! Students receive at least three projects each month along with BONUS designs! Step by step instructions print out in full color allowing embroiderers to jump right in and get started.

We will be introducing each month’s THREE HoopSister Retreat projects at the Sewtopia Sewing Club. At the Sewtopia lecture you will be able to purchase that month’s projects, purchase the current quarter’s collection of projects or pay for the entire 2019 set of HoopSisters retreat projects.

The Heirloom Creations “Embroidery Social” classes are where you can learn all the HoopSister embroidery techniques hands-on with your embroidery machine. Check out the supply lists we have posts in this blog to know what supplies are needed before a hands-on class.

NOTE: Due to HoopSister guidelines for retail stores, students are able to pick up designs quarterly. (Example: January – Quarter 1, April – Quarter 2, July – Quarter 3 and October – Quarter 4).

HoopSister 2019 Retreat Project order is shown in this awesome online flip book!

Click here for HoopSister’s 2019 Retreat Supply Lists

HoopSisters 2019 Retreat Projects & Supply Lists – Quarter 1
HoopSisters 2019 Retreat Projects & Supply Lists – Quarter 2
HoopSisters 2019 Retreat Projects & Supply Lists – Quarter 3
HoopSister 2019 Retreat Projects & Supply Lists – Quarter 4

HoopSister Retreat Projects – Quarter 1

January – Spring Retreat
February – Easter Retreat
March – Laundry Retreat

HoopSister Retreat Projects – Quarter 2

April – Birthday Retreat
May – Boudoir Retreat
June – Summer Retreat

HoopSister Retreat Projects – Quarter 3

July – Family Room Retreat
August – Thanksgiving Retreat
September – Fall Retreat

HoopSister Retreat Projects – Quarter 4

October – Winter Retreat
November – Office Retreat
December – Valentine Retreat

HoopSisters Retreat Projects are $39 each, $99 per quarter or $299 for the year. 

There are a total of 12 HoopSister Retreats with an average of 3 projects each month. You will be able to pick and choose the retreat projects you want, purchase a quarterly collection or sign up to receive all the retreat projects for the entire year.

How Can I Get the HoopSister 2019 Retreat Designs & Instructions?

Students can attend one of two classes:

  1. Attend our monthly Sewtopia Sewing Club lecture to see the techniques in person. Annual Sewtopia Club membership in $25 per year, no reservations needed. Lectures are the second Tuesday of the month at 10am, 2pm or 6:30pm.
  2. Purchase a single, quarterly plan or full year plan HoopSister Retreat collection and attend an Embroidery Social class at no additional charge. Bring your embroidery machine and learn hands-on the HoopSisters Retreat Project techniques. Embroidery Social classes are scheduled monthly at Heirloom Creations. Please visit the class calendar to find dates and times that work for you. We offer both daytime and evening Embroidery Social sessions.
  3. If you are not in the Sioux Falls, SD area, please visit HoopSisters website to find a participating HoopSisters dealer in your area.

Heirloom Creations’ Embroidery Social classes are designed to help embroiderers master any embroidery technique. Those working on HoopSister Retreat projects quilts will be guided specifically through the project of your choice. Or purchase any other embroidery collection such an Anita Goodesign, OESD or Kimberbell and join in the Embroidery Social fun!

We also are offering the 2019 HoopSister Block of the Month “Fleur De Lis” at our Embroidery Social classes. Start at any time!

Click here to learn more about the HoopSister 2019 Block of the Month and download supply lists and color suggestions.

HoopSister Block of the Month Fee: $199 (Includes designs in 5″ – 9″ block sizes, full color instructions and color suggestions)

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