How a Bernina Sewing Machine Changed My Life

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Other Bernina stores have to wait, plan and pay extra for a Bernina educator to come to their store. At Heirloom Creations in Sioux Falls, SD they have their very own Bernina educator on staff!

5222_1Hi, I’m Sara Snuggerud and ever since I was young, I have sewed on a Bernina. My mom had not just one, but two Bernina sewing machines, for her in-home alteration business. I know I gained my love of sewing because of this one brand of sewing machine.

You ask, “How can one sewing machine change the course of my life?”

Well it did. A Bernina sewing machine turned my sewing hobby into my profession at age 15. At age 21, I became Bernina of America’s youngest national educator traveling and training Bernina dealers around the United States. It was strange to be in front of a room of Bernina dealers that were all at least twice my age.

I have being sharing the love of Bernina sewing machines for over 25 years. What is this love I speak about? It is almost is like a cult. If you have never sewn on a Bernina sewing machine this probably sounds ridiculous. Once someone has purchased and sewn on a Bernina, they know the feeling I speak of. It is like joining an invisible club that only Bernina sewers know about.

This passion of sewing on a Bernina can only be experienced by trying out a Bernina, sewing on a friend’s Bernina sewing machine or purchasing one yourself.

I ask people all the time, “What sewing machine do you sew on?” Most the time I get answers like,

“Just a 30 year old sewing machine” or

“I don’t know what kind it is” or

“It was my mom’s”.

But if you ask a Bernina owner, “What sewing machine do you sew on?” They can tell you the model number, the year they bought it and any other pertinent information about their machine that would be helpful for identification. They are part of that invisible club.

So tell me Bernina owners…what makes sewing on a Bernina so special?

How do you explain to someone who has never sewn on a Bernina what the feeling is that you love? You really can’t. It is just something they have to experience for themselves.

That is why we host from time to time special Bernina sewing events so people can come and really learn what its like to sew on a Bernina.

bernina 790

Join Heirloom Creations or your local Bernina dealer and take a tour through one of Bernina’s most awesome machines – the Bernina 790E. If you have never sewn on a Bernina, there is a feeling you are missing when you sit down to sew. There is a love for sewing that only a Bernina can deliver.

At a recent Bernina event on the Bernina 790 we had each student make this bag completely on the embroidery machine!

Sew Trendy Bag
This bag was designed by Pickle Pie and is available in our store as a purchased embroidery design collection.

About Pickle Pie Designs and the Sew Trendy Cross Body Bag…

Fully lined bags with no exposed seams give you professional results! Create beautiful monogrammed cross body bags with your embroidery machine with this fabulous in the hoop embroidery project!  Our Sew Trendy Cross Body Bags feature Curlz monograms inside a circle applique with a pretty ribbon accent. Everything is stitched in the hoop – including the zipper, the ribbon, and the strap – using premade strap material or ribbon, or follow our easy instructions to sew a coordinating strap beforehand.

You will receive 2 sizes of Sew Trendy Cross Body Bags in this set with 26 files per size – one for each letter of the alphabet.

Hoop size: 5×7, Design size: 4.84″ x 6.8″

Hoop size: 6×10, Design size: 5.89” x 8.07”

Have a Jumbo hoop? Be sure to look for our Sew Trendy Cross Body Bag for the Jumbo hoop!



  1. Denise says:

    A Bernina …is a Bernina… is a Bernina! My niece recently wanted to learn sewing, she is 25 years old. I gave her my vintage 530-2 Record. A machine that is more than 50 years old but still sews like it is new. She took some beginner sewing classes and lugged it with her each class ( it weighs about 30+ ibs!) Other classmates had new modern machines of all makes. She and her machine sailed through each class without a hitch! Other classmates weren’t so lucky. The teacher had to spend lots of troublehooting time on the various machines! A few students were quite irate about a 50+ year old machine being able to out sew their pricey new wonders. The teachers answer?…”Well, it IS still a Bernina!”

    1. Sara says:

      We see and here this again and again!

  2. Diane says:

    I bought my first Bernina 12 years ago. I was looking for a new machine, and the Bernina simply outsewed every other brand I tried.

    Bernina sewing machines are about precision and power. My Bernina’s have excellent stitch quality, and they perform as promised.

    That’s why I sew on Berninas!

  3. Pat h says:

    There is nothing like a Bernina nothing. I own 5 Berninas and love all they make sewing a joy.

  4. Clifford Gallington says:

    Friday I picked up my first bernina it was sold in Kansas City in 1954, I am the third owner, I replaced the foot controller and the motor. I was so pleased how smooth this machine turned over with no motor on it. I plan on rebuilding the motor and see if I can rework the controller so it will be all original. This machine sews so nice, I need to get time to read the manual and sew with it for a while! It is a 117l and has zig zag and one decorative stitch.

  5. Chase Norris says:

    To begin with, I am a man who sews. I have been a machinist, and practical engineer for over 30 years. I began sewing while staying weeks at a time with my grandmother at age 10 as she loaned me out to all her peers. I did gardening, interior decorating, everything. She had a 70s or 80s singer. I had since used a number of machines including a White treadle. I have owned a variety of brands and found I can make do with anything. My first interest in my current machine was a built in mechanical zigzag. I searched high and low looking for an old (as little plastic as possible) machine that did zigzag without some bulky contraption that bolted onto the foot that moved the fabric side to side. On Craigslist about 300 miles away, I found it. Bernina 117L. It was perfect and reasonably priced considering how unaware I was of the quality I was getting. (Now I know it was a steal!). It was close to a family member who was coming to visit me so I got it essentially delivered! Absolutely amazing. It’s like ice skating after spending your whole life trying to roller skate on a dirt road! I use it on everything from silk to leather, and even do some freehand embroidery with the zigzag. Hands down the best machine EVER. Thanks for reading
    Chase Norris

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Chase,

      What a need story of your sewing journey. Thank you for sharing…it made my day!

      Sara Snuggerud

  6. Angel Horner, AP, DOM, DACM says:

    I bought my first Bernina at 26 years of age, I had a old kenmore that my grandmother made my mother’s first grade dresses on, I also owned a recondition White in a cabinet. They sewed but aggravated me. I did smocking at the time, making my daughters dresses. All the girls at the smocking supply shop had Bernina. I remember I had saved some cash on the side, and put 500 dollars on a credit card and bought a used Bernina 930, beautiful machine, (I remember my ex at the time threw a mortal fit and wanted me to take it back, I refused) still works, my daughter owns. 10 years later I bought the Bernina 1630, and the 2000DE serger. I have never looked back.These machines still work well, it is 2020 and I have made hundreds of masks in a mask sewing group the last month in the pandemic. There is a Bernina dealer here that opened a year or so ago, I had deliberately not ventured in because I just knew it would be fatal to my purse. Well I picked up supplies curbside, told them about my machines(which I still love and can not part with) they gave me a brochure on the Bernina B790, well I looked it up online, and needless to say, went back in within 5 days and bought it. Still making masks, and now at 60 years of age still have a Bernina, I am a acupuncturist by trade, but if I ever wanted a side job it would be something with these machines, it’s a cult for sure, you spit the name out whenever sewing comes up, it’s not a snobbery thing it is just well, it’s like owning a Rolex, no other explanation needed. I would love to learn how to repair or service them one day, maybe I will. Perfect retirement job, different kind of needle. I hope this machine holds up and sees me well into old age. It’s like a fine, fine machine that just gets better the more you learn about it. I came home with the machine but no mastery class at the store till the pandemic passes. I have been watching a English girl on You Tube, named Robin, I have learned how to oil and clean, and clean the thread cutter, and some about the stitches already, so I will be ready. It’s like a sewing machine with a IPad in it! Like said once you go Bernina, nothing , nothing I tell you will suffice. I love them, just love them. I can’t wait to use the Embroidery components I have wanted them for a long time!

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Angel,

      You are going to love your new Bernina 790! I hope you will check out our two online courses that would be perfect for getting to know your new Bernina sewing and embroidery machine.

      Check out the Bernina Stitching Cosmos online course to help you master all the wonderful sewing features on your beautiful machine:

      You can even watch 10 Bernina Stitching Cosmos course videos for free here:

      If you want a fun first project on your machine, check out how to make the “Ultimate Stitch Book” here:

      You will also love the Embroidery Essentials online course to help you mast the embroidery side of the Bernina 790:

      Please keep in touch! You can e-mail us directly at


      Sara Snuggerud

  7. Sandra Currie says:

    Hi Sara,
    Which Bernina model would you recommend for bagmaking?
    I have a 790 but do not want to wreck it. I was considering a 590 to take to class. Any thoughts? Thank you.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Sandra,

      All Bernina sewing machines are excellent for bagmaking. If you love your Bernina 790, you will love the Bernina 590. It’s really the same machine, just smaller.


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