How Long Does an Iron Last?

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

How long does an iron last? What brand of iron is the best? What is the warranty of an iron? What am I supposed to believe on the Internet?

We get asked these questions often but unfortunately we probably don’t have the answers you are looking for.

But if you are reading this, you probably have an iron that is between 1-5 years old and if you are lucky maybe even longer.

Around our store, if an iron lasts a year we are thankful. Granted we have it on everyday, all day. Students use them in classes. This get pushed off the table and dropped on the floor. I’m surprised they work at all after taking a tumble off a four foot table.

We have sold numerous brands of irons over the years, each with the same fate. No matter the brand, some would last a year and others are still working many years later. It might depend on how much someone uses it, but that is such a hard chart to make. We all sew and iron so differently in each of our sewing studios. What one person says is a lot of ironing is another persons normal week or month’s work of ironing. And we are not talking ironing clothing, we are focusing on sewing and quilting projects here.

Yes, this blog idea just came to me while ironing hubby’s work shirt but I was happy to do it. Why? Because I just finally threw out my old iron that was struggling (um, for the last couple years) and bought a new one.

And it’s PURPLE! Who wouldn’t volunteer to do a little clothes ironing when its fun to use. Hubby doesn’t mind either.

Currently we sell the Panasonic Cordless iron (yes, in Silver, Blue and Purple)! In the video below is our current classroom iron and it is finally giving up its ghost after 2 1/2+ years. That is not bad at all.

Our classroom iron has not dropped off the table in the last couple years because no one has caught the cord on the ironing table. Though it is only 2 1/2+ years old, it is time to replace it. Again, it is used six days a week plus overtime when we have classes. It has lived a good life but it is now showing its age.

Do you have an iron that is showing its age?

Unfortunately, these days irons have gone the way of a disposable appliance. They are not designed to last 10-20 years. When they start to die, just throw it out and buy a new one.

Irons usually have a one year warranty. So when they start to not be fun to use, get a new one! Why do we (women) keep using something that we don’t like or sometimes struggle with? Men would have thrown it out months (or years) ago and yet we still keep struggling along (HELLOOOOOO)!

So the next time your current iron looks at you funny, start looking for its replacement. Purchase your new iron sooner than later so it is waiting in the wings when the current iron does something stupid to your next project. (It might already know you have purchased the new one and know that its time is limited. How do appliances know when I start looking for something new they tend to give up their ghost on their own knowing they are about to be replaced)?

A Note About Online Reviews – You can read online iron reviews until you are blue in the face. Half the people love it (5 STARS) and half the people HATE it. If you are start reading all the problems people have, you will never want to purchase ANY of them.

So who are you supposed to believe?

At this point in the game, you just need to find one you like the features, look, weight in your hands and the feel when you use it and go with it. You are NOT marrying it for better or worst for the rest of your life. Remember, it will only be with you a short time and then you get to buy a new one.

So if you have an iron you are starting to fight with, start looking for its replacement. Stop fighting it and just accept the fact it is time to replace it.

Trust me…A new iron will make everything right in the sewing room again.

PS: I love my new PURPLE Panasonic Cordless iron.

The iron’s always on at Heirloom Creations if you want to come by and try it out.

  1. Virginia says:

    Thanks for the fun story, and the proactive advice!

  2. Becky Stroman says:

    I love my Panasonic Iron from Heirloom. I’ve had it for about 18 months. It works the same as the day I purchased it. I use our Culligan water at home. I use distilled water at the cabin. Yes, it rides back and forth weekly 6 1/2 months of the year in the back of the truck with my Berninia. I did sew less this year because I was training a German Shepherd pup. Normally I purchase an iron once a year. I do not buy $200. irons because I’ve had friends that toss them out yearly.

  3. Denyse says:

    I had an Oliso yellow iron that pops-up when you set it down. I paid what I thought was big bucks for it – almost $200.00 and I was bummed that it didn’t last longer. It lasted 4 years and then it got stuck and was a gonner. I called the company and they had a deal where I paid $69.99 and sent in my old iron and got a new one that just came yesterday. So, reading your post, it seems like I got a good deal with the replacement. Thanks for the article.

  4. E. M. Yuille says:

    I have had my Naimoto Gravity Feed for thirteen years. I fill my iron with distilled water, ONLY!

  5. Jocelyne Pelletier says:

    I have a cordless Panasonic for 8 years now! I fill it with bottled water.

  6. Betty says:

    I’v had my iron for 10 years, yesterday I had a power cut while ironing. We needed a new Clipsal switch, but the electrician advised me to get a new iron. It has been working perfectly. Is this advisable? Thank you in advance

    1. heirloomc says:

      Hi Betty, I would take the advise of an electrician on this one. It could have been the iron that shorted out the switch.

    2. Sara says:

      Nothing says “I love myself” than treating yourself to a new iron! Why not? 🙂

  7. Hispania says:

    This has been such a useful site. I have dithered about whether I needed a new iron but your comment about replacing an iron when it is no longer fun to use settled the question so definitely for me. My iron is almost 7 years old and when I am using it I keep thinking “It’s me, not you”. Thank you for taking away my hesitancy. I am so relieved.

    1. Sara says:

      Enjoy your new iron! Glad we could help. ~Sara~

  8. Christie says:

    My Panasonic cordless died yesterday. I’d only had it for 1 1/2 years. It was primarily used on evenings and weekends. Disappointed that it didn’t last longer. If I knew that I was only going to get a year and a half of use for $100, I would have just stuck with my Black & Decker with the really long cord. I just wanted something that wouldn’t get tangled in my quilt tops.

  9. Mary says:

    I, too, have a Panasonic cordless iron. I love it! I don’t use any water in it. I prefer using a starch alternative instead. No cords to get messed up in. I used to worry so much when ironing something and using a corded iron. Now one less thing for me to think about.

  10. Debra says:

    I am on my second 360° iron in five years. I appreciate the versatility of this iron when ironing fabrics, quilt blocks, quilt backing and quilt tops when on the longarm frame. My first 360° had to been tossed when rust water spewed from it. I was storing the water tank on it after use and the rubber may have become worn, resulting in dripping water from the tank into the iron. I liked it so much that I bought another one. I use distilled water in my irons. I remove the water tank of my current 360° and store the tank upright after ironing. I let the iron cool off on it’s base and perform auto shut off to remove any residual moisture inside the iron. Thank you for your thorough and interesting read.

  11. Janine says:

    I bought that iron last year. I love that there is no cord but even better is no drips or spits.

  12. colleen moran says:

    my advise is to buy the best you can afford. mine is a tefal about 12 years old the best is my husband is very good at using it colleen m [Australia+]

  13. Dorothy Romero says:

    I have a Rowenta, wouldn’t trade for any of this new stuff, this is why– I have had it for many years, dropped it, left it on, abused it, still works great. I have been thinking of updating after many years of service, but it works fine.
    I have tried the Reliable craze, Panasonic, Eliso. and thank goodness I held on to my ROWENTA.

  14. Deborah (Debbie) Whitney says:



    1. Sara says:

      You can use the Panasonic 360 off the base for up to 30 seconds. A QUICK 8 seconds back on the base and you are good to go!

      1. Karen Freeman says:

        Ylu have to stop pironing every 20-30 seconds for 8 seconds? Oh my. I do alterations and iron a lot. Seems like a lot of wasted time stopping and starting. How does thay work in rwal life when you may have a stack.of stiff to do?

    2. Sara says:

      You can use the iron for up to 30 seconds. It takes 8 seconds to recharge once it is returned to the base.

  15. Darlene Smith says:

    My first experience with an iron was the old fashion heavy style iron from my grandmother and eventually passed on to my mother. I remember making grilled cheese sandwiches wrapped in aluminum foil. My mother switched it out for a new steam iron in the 70’s. It was used on a daily basis with a large family of 8 children & 2 adults. Our family has gone through so many irons through the years and I decided it was time for a change with less ironing and also save money on replacing broken irons. I was watching QVC and saw a presentation on a new steamer which was so easy to use and looked nice. It was the best investment I have ever made to keep my clothes wrinkle free & without using a clumsy, space cluttering ironing board. I just hang my clothes to steam on a small clothes rack and steam away wrinkles!

  16. janu says:


  17. Joy Braun says:

    If you have arthritis in your hands and/or wrists the Panasonic 360 is for you. I was having pain in my wrist and thought it was from using the rotary cutter. I had a big heavy Rowenta iron and it was about dead. I decided to purchase the Panasonic and my wrist pain went away. Best purchase I ever made!!

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Joy,

      That’s amazing! Thanks for sharing.


  18. Elizabeth G says:

    To what extent DO IT TAKE TO CHARGE THE IRON? To what extent DOES THE CHARGE LAST?

    1. Sara says:

      This iron takes approximately 7 seconds to charge and will last approximately 20 seconds off base.

  19. Sheri says:

    My Oliso lasted 2 years. Disappointed to say the least. My Panasonic cordless somewhere around 15 years and still working!

  20. Alice Jackson says:

    My Panasonic 360 just quit after 15 months, which is how I found this informative article. Now I don’t feel so bad about having to buy a new one. I love my the cordless Panasonic but may use it without water this time and just use Best Press.

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