The Perfect Finish: How to Bind a Quilt

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by Sara Snuggerud in Projects, Sewing Machines, Sewing Tips

Give your quilts the flawless finish they deserve! Your creativity can extend all the way to the very edge of the quilt with the variety of binding finishes featured here.

Some of Sara’s top viewed YouTube videos are her “How to Bind a Quilt” videos. From “Edna’s method” for connecting ends together with a no-math method to Susan Cleveland’s piped binding for an extra pop of color, there are tons of ways to finish a quilt. With so many methods out there, we recommend just start trying them out to find which method is your favorite. Turn your bound quilt edges into your very own signature.

We highly recommend “The Perfect Finish: How to Bind a Quilt” online class with your teacher Susan Cleveland at your beck-n-call for any questions you have along the way. Click here to watch what her online class is all about.


Meet award-winning quilter Susan Cleveland as she offers helpful finishing techniques to create beautiful binding for your quilts. Susan details important steps in the preparation process, including selecting a batting, assembling and squaring up your quilt, pin basting and stay stitching. Everyone of her quilt bindings are stunning!


The video below highlights “Edna’s No-Math Method” of joining the two ends of the binding together with a perfectly flawless solution. Never have extra bulk in your binding edge again when you follow these simple step-by-step directions in this YouTube video.

When we made the video “How to Bind a Quilt – 6 Simple Steps” we had no idea it would would be our TOP viewed video on our YouTube channel. We now realize that people search for binding techniques more than any other quilting topics. Be sure to Pin or Share this video on your Facebook page to locate it in the future.

Heirloom Creations’ AccuQuilt bias cut quilt binding video was recently featured in a blog on AccuQuilt’s website. If you don’t like to cut bias cut quilt binding, save yourself the headaches and use an AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter or an AccuQuilt GO! Big Fabric Cutter. Click here to read more about what they wrote about our store.

Craftsy offers 100’s of quilting classes including an entire class dedicated to quilt edges and quilt bindings.


Check out Finishing School: Edges & Bindings by Mimi Dietrich when you want to take your quilts and bindings to a whole new level!

We hope you have enjoyed all the quilting binding videos we recommend all linked from this one page!

Happy Binding!

Updated: 12-30-16