How to Get More Time to Sew

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

I wish we could count sewing as an exercise, but I have not figured out how. I have, though, figured out how to sew for more hours once I finally do reach the sewing room! Since we always seem to be squeezing in sewing time between work, family, and fun, once we start sewing we do not want to stop! You know what I am talking about a project is coming together as you had imagined, you have not had to do any ripping, and you actually feel like you are making headway. Then it hits you – the most common sewing party killer FATIGUE!

What does this have to do with getting more time to sew? It starts with an aching back and tensed up shoulders, and before you know it your energy level starts falling as fast as an elephant on ice skates. But, the longer you can fight off fatigue, the longer you will be able to sew.

When we think of the perfect sewing room we envision the most technologically advanced sewing machine, an ideal sewing cabinet, cutting and pressing stations large enough for any project, and the most complete collection of fabric and notions all in their own place. Do you see anything missing from this model sewing room? The perfect sewing chair.

I hear from many of you that use a kitchen chair or a wooden desk chair and I am saddened. My shoulders begin to tense just thinking about sitting on a solid unforgiving chair for sewing. Our bodies need the very best support when performing our favorite activity. It’s time to talk about the chair we choose.

A sewing chair needs to perform to a higher standard than an office chair. An office chair is for general sitting, whereas a sewing chair must support a much more rigorous workout as we sit and stand numerous times during our sewing marathons. It must withstand the constant flopping we do as we sit down with freshly presses pieces in hand. (My term for sinking in a chair quickly without using the armrests). To handle flopping, I have discovered a chair must have some extra spring in the seat to cushion my entire body weight. The seat cushion needs to be made of high-density foam to contain optimum shape and support to keep the body balanced. Over time seat cushions that compact and deform can not offer the body the longevity needed to sit for long periods of time, again leading to fatigue.

Every time I sit to write the Heirloom Creations newsletter, I am reminded of how essential the proper chair is to each person. Being that I am constantly on my feet working in a retail store, I do have problems sitting in one place for any major length of time. It has nothing to do with being uncomfortable, I do have an Heirloom Creations’ sewing chair, but the fact that I like to be moving around and active.

I will never forget the first time I finished a two day straight marathon newsletter session (about 16 hours of computer work) in my new chair. For the first time, my back was not screaming for Advil. What made the biggest difference was my old chair’s seat cushion was totally flat and did not support my body correctly. The new chair’s seat was made from very firm, space-age foam that is guaranteed not to compact more than 5% during its lifetime. A couple of years later and the seat still feels as firm today as the day I brought it home.

There are many parts of a chair’s anatomy that must be evaluated to ensure a proper fit for each person. Height, seat depth, width, and style need to match each body type. Just like the perfect dress, it must make us feel good!

I have provided a few links to great articles that will further help in determining which chair is perfect for you and help understand more about proper ergonomics for sewing.

When your body is pampered and relaxed, sewing can be a satisfying stress reliever that won’t get cut short by a throbbing back or shoulder pain.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair by Cornell University Ergonomics Web 

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Heirloom Creations prides itself in providing these specialized sewing chairs in our classroom. When selecting a sewing chair for yourself, it is custom fit to your body type with many size options for short and tall sewers. We have all sizes of chairs in our store so you can be sure you are selecting the one best suited for you. With dozens of color choices, arm options, and heights these chairs can make the perfect sewing room pure heaven.