Rotary Cutter Safety

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

Rotary Cutter Safety - Don't Let This Happen to YouWe see this more often then you think. The lone quilter sent to the quilt store usually by the husband or significant other to purchase something that will prevent this from happening again.

I give you …

“The Rotary Cutter Won”

The biggest problem with this kind of accident is having to STOP SEWING. You were happily working on something fun and you have to stop for a 2-3 hour detour to the doctor and pharmacist. Lost time in the sewing room can never be retrieved. So sad.

Let’s protect ourselves before accidents even happen. There are numerous options from guards and handles.

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My favorite is the Gypsy Gripper.

The Gypsy Gripper helps in many ways. First, the hand is held above the ruler safely away from the rotary cutter. This can also help when teaching our young quilters how to use a rotary cutter without cringing every time they go to cut. Next, the downward pressure applied across a greater distance keeps the ruler from slipping. And the third wonderful reason to use the Gypsy Gripper is so one does not lose the ruler under fabric pieces. You can always find it!

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The Gypsy Gripper has a comfortable grip handle, and two large round suction cups with handy lock & release levers.  Just press the suction cups to any plastic or metal ruler with a smooth surface, then flip the levers to lock The Gypsy Gripper in place.  Now you can move the ruler quickly, and easily hold it on the exact position with gentle downward pressure.  Your ruler hand will be up and away from the fabric, and out of harm’s way if you slip with the cutter.  When you need to switch to another ruler, just flip the locking levers to release The Gypsy Gripper.

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