Sewing Machines That Act Possessed

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

As summer temperatures heat up, sewing machines can often do odd things that makes one think it is possessed. To protect the sewing machine’s circuit boards as well as your sanity, be sure it is properly protected by plugging it into a battery backup.

Do not plug a sewing machine directly into a wall outlet.

Sewing machines are computers that print with thread. They also are made to perform at optimal levels when they have a consistent power supply. If that power supply is interrupted by just the smallest hiccup a sewing machine can sew backwards without warning, change settings on its own, make touch buttons not work or just freeze up. Turning the sewing machine off and on will often fix the problem, but without correcting the source of the power similar problems will continue to arise in the future.

Most of us know that we need to plug computerized items into a some sort of power strip for protection. Between stormy weather or even construction workers working in the neighborhood, you never know when the power to the sewing machine is going to be reduced.

What is the difference between a surge suppressor and the battery backup?

Surge suppressors protect against unexpected power spikes or highs, but a battery backup with protect BOTH power spikes and power lows. When summer temperatures go up, power supplies often get strained and do not deliver the full power a sewing machine needs. With less power sewing machines start to act like they are possessed.

Battery backups can be purchased through any local office or computer supply stores such as Staples, Office Max or Best Buy.

This is the time of year we get numerous phone calls inquiring why their sewing machine is doing something strange. Our first question is what is the sewing machine plugged into?

The wall?
A surge protector?
Or a battery backup?

Most people answer with the first two answers. By purchasing a battery backup and using it for all electronic items, including sewing machines, we guarantee the level of frustration and headaches will be greatly reduced. And your sewing machine is act much happier too!

Take it from us here at Heirloom Creations. We have over 50 sewing machines on and some are sewing throughout the day. But we know we are completely safe. Even when we lose complete power at the store, all the sewing machines are all lit up and the embroidery machines are still humming along. Yes, if we do lose power, be take the time to shut down all the sewing machines until power is restored, but we rest assured all computerized sewing machines circuit boards have been safely protected and will have no damage.

Most sewing machine manufactures warranty circuit boards for the first 5 years for the original owner. 

If you have not taken the time to protect your sewing machine and other electronics in your home, take time this summer to invest in their protection.

Click here to read more about insuring your sewing machine should anything unforeseen happen. 


  1. Marie Anderson says:

    How do we determine what we need for battery protection? I have a Viking Royals and a bernina Artisa 720. Do you well the battery units?

    1. Sara says:

      Battery backups are purchased through your local office supply stores or Best Buy. Most all battery backups with a 5 minute battery length will handle sewing machines just fine.

  2. Babby Ludwig says:

    Do you sell the battery back up or where can it be purchased & about how much are they?

    1. Sara says:

      Battery backups are purchased through your local office supply stores or Best Buy.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I have my Destiny2 plugged into a battery backup. The machine cost so much we need to protect them!

  4. B Wheeler says:

    Excellent information on protecting our machines
    Edgewater, MD

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