Snap Happy Bags


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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips


I am obsessed with these bags! I love making them, and I still sit here opening and closing them whenever I pick one up.

A Snap Happy Bag is unique in that it uses a Stanley Tape Measure for its opening! Yes, you actually cut up a tape measure and use it! (I can see it now…husbands around the country wondering, “I know I left my tape measure here last week…”)


At the 2010 Sewing Retreat in Chamberlain, SD, I sat next to Donna L who whipped up three of these adorable bags one evening. I came home, ordered the patterns and they have been selling like hot-cakes ever since!

Snap Happy bags can be made in multiple sizes. The pattern offers exact dimensions to make three sizes, with directions to make a Snap Happy bag any size you want. I have seen Snap Happy bags with a top that opens as large as 14”. The little tabs on each side of the top of the bag make it easy to pull and open.



A good suggestion from one of our customers… “Don’t buy tape measures from the dollar store. They do not have a strong enough curve in the tape measure to form a tight closure on the top of the bag. It is pretty wimpy.”

Patterns are available from Heirloom Creations. Call 605-332-4435 to have one shipped to you.


This bag has pictures of Kate printed on to fabric using the Kaleidoscope Kreator. Software is available for $39.99 from Heirloom Creations. Want to see how it works? We have it loaded up and ready to show!


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