Stabilizer Solutions – Say NO to Droopy Freestanding Lace Embroidery

No one likes droopy freestanding lace embroidery designs!

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by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery, Sewing Tips

Say NO to the DROOP!

We have been doing some in-store testing of wash-away stabilizer combinations to see which ones provide the best freestanding lace results.

No one likes droopy freestanding lace embroidery designs. All that time, thread and stabilizer, all to end up with a floppy looking embroidery design.

We have often used 2 layers of AquaMesh stabilizers because we like the feel of the stabilizer and it does not rip or perforate apart with the heavy stitches of freestanding lace during embroidery.

But after decorating the entire store Christmas tree with while lace designs (bucket list)! for the holiday season, we started to wonder if there was a better solution for stiffer designs. Some of the designs started to look droopy over time.

After our Facebook fans voted for us to leave the Christmas tree up and decorate it for Valentine’s day, we started testing…

The following three test where completed…

  1. One layer of Inspira Dissolve Away topping + one layer of Inspira AquaMagic
  2. Two layers of Inspira Dissolve Away topping + one layer of Inspira AquaMagic
  3. One layer of Inspira Dissolve Away Max + one layer of Inspira AquaMagic

Our favorite was Test #3 – One layer of Inspira Dissolve Away Max + one layer of Inspira AquaMagic

The combination of the stiffness of the Inspira Dissolve Away Max and the base support of the Inspira AquaMagic to support the high amount of stitches to form freestanding lace embroidery designs.

After embroidery, the hearts washed out in very quickly with warm running water in a sink. Set wet lace embroidery on wax paper or parchment paper to dry. Use a steam iron to finish the flattening of the designs once they are completely dry.

If you live in a humid area, select the OESD StitcH2O in place of Inspira AquaMagic to keep the embroidery machine’s embroidery foot from sticking to the plastic like feel of water soluable stabilizers.

The final results: Amazingly stiff free standing lace ornaments that will look sharp for years to come!

  1. Sandy says:

    What company are the free standing lace heart designs by ? I really liked the Christmas one by viking.

    1. heirloomc says:

      Hi Sandy, They came for a few different companies. If you check out our products page and go to Embroidery Designs we have all the vendors we work with listed there.

  2. Bonita Schreiber from McKinney, Texas says:

    ESP…you all are fantastic on doing my testing for me. Thank you and Happy Nes Year! I was trying to figure out the best stabilizer to use for my freestanding lace and now I can just embroider away. Love the idea of a all year around tree…..I’m using a white one in my Studio which is flocked so I am sure Valentines will look awesome and in the Summer will put seashells, flip flops, beachy things and mermaids etc. How fun!!!!

  3. Kathy Hoeppner says:

    I use vilene wash away. Have you tried it? I will also try your method. Thanks

  4. Jo Nardi says:

    Have you tried Terial Magic? It’s my favorite especially for tea towels.

  5. Sue Gardner says:

    Thanks for doing the testing! Always good to know the best combo cuz I love your Christmas tree 🌲 lace design ornaments!

  6. Jan Daggett says:

    Jan Daggett Aha! I will keep this information in mind. I love the new mash stabilizers. Decorating the tree with hearts – great idea for February!

  7. julie says:

    good Ideas. One question I have it on the pumpkin how did you dry it so it curves like that?

    1. Sara says:

      The way the pieces button together pull the embroidered pieces into the shape.

  8. cindi says:

    2much money

  9. Dorrie Boronia says:

    I love the hearts. Also the gorgeous little hooks that you use to attach the decorations to the tree branches with. I have never seen them here in Oz. Will look around for those.

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