Top 10 Reasons NOT to Own Sewing Cabinet

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Machines, Sewing Tips

We have heard all the excuses in the book why people do not buy a sewing cabinet.

  1. The dining room table is for sewing not for family dinners.
  2. The 6′ table that makes the sewing machine “bounce” at high speeds keeps you sewing within the speed limit.
  3. You like needing to go to the chiropractor after pulling a whole 2-hour sewing retreat.
  4. You like sitting cross-legged on the floor to sew.
  5. You prefer spending the ONE hour you have to sew, pulling the sewing machine out of the closet, plugging in all the cords, finding an extension cord to reach the outlet, unpacking the project in progress, locating the scissors, dragging out the rotary cutter mat from its hiding place under the couch, and then figuring out what step of the pattern you left off on the last time you sewed. Start sewing…now STOP!, because you have to pack everything up before everyone gets home!
  6. When projects get caught on the sewing machine’s extension table, you get to make up creative ways to¬†camouflage the hiccup.
  7. If the projects weren’t strewn all over the house, my family wouldn’t know what you did all day.
  8. If you bought a new sewing cabinet your old sewing chair would look out of place.
  9. Though your very best sewing machine deserves her very own throne, she might fear being traded in for a newer model to sit on the new “throne”.
  10. Your husband would have to get his own new big ticket “wish-list” item.
  11. If you have a dedicated space for your sewing machine you might feel GUILTY if you are not using it all the time.
  12. If there were drawers built into the cabinet you would have to learn an all-new organizational system for all your sewing accessories.
  13. It might not match my other furniture.

As you can see there are a lot more than just 10 reasons.

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