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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Furniture

The Heirloom Creations staff is fully trained to help sewers custom order their PERFECT sewing studio from KOALA SEWING STUDIO. 

This is NO small task. With so many options, configurations and choices, you will want Judeen, Jill, Steve, Cleo or Sara to hold your hand through the entire designing process. 

We have been trained to make sure every inch of your KOALA SEWING STUDIO is correctly designed, measured, and accessorized for your sewing, quilting and embroidery needs. 

Every sewer needs something different. With so many OPTIONS available, you will want our experts to make sure you get everything right. 

Do you own one of the newer, heavier sewing and embroidery machines? We will make sure your KOALA SEWING STUDIO has the XL Lift so support your machine. 

Want a place to store your embroidery module when you are sewing? Add a the custom module drawer option for easy storage.

Are you shorter or taller than normal? We will make sure the correct cabinet height is selected to best fit your legs and eye sight lines. KOALA SEWING STUDIO can be ordered in four different height configurations.

Our unique KOALA SEWING STUDIO showroom at Heirloom Creations features many different styles and cabinet designs to sit at, touch, and feel. Select the perfect color. Add extra drawers or shelves based on your storage needs. 

We will help you every step of the way. Selecting your personalized sewing studio furniture should be enjoyable. The staff at Heirloom Creations can help you make the correct choices based on your sewing wishes. 

Once all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted, KOALA will than make your cabinet to YOUR specifications. Every cabinet is unique. There is no one cabinet for every sewer. That is why you want a KOALA SEWING STUDIO built for you. 

Wondering where to start? Start by mocking up your own DREAM sewing studio at KOALA Online Room Planner. Begin by entering in your room dimensions to see which base cabinets fit and which ones will be too big. Move the cabinets around to see what the best configuration would be for your room and sewing needs. 

Once you decide on your brand new sewing studio furniture, the best is yet to come. Your custom built KOALA SEWING STUDIO is white-glove delivered to your home, set up and all packing material and cardboard is removed. You just point to where you want it set up!

With KOALA’s Lifetime Warranty you can feel confident that everything will work perfect for years to come. 


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