Best. Sewing. Machine. EVER!

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

If you could have anything you wanted on a new sewing machine, what would be on your wish list? We polled our Sewtopia Sewing Club members and asked what three items on their current sewing machine they would not want to live without. We were surprised to find what topped the list!

The next time you are out looking for a new sewing machine, a travel size sewing machine, or a machine for your son or daughter, consider this list of “Top Favorites” to make sure you are not without some of your favorite features!

Top 12 Items In Order of Importance:

1. Needle Stop Up/Down – stop using your hand wheel! With the needle up and needle down feature, sewers can sew with their hands always on the fabric. This was the most important “MUST-HAVE” feature.

2. Needle Threader – even if your eyesight allows you to still thread the needle, using a needle threader can be 10x faster.

3. Presser Foot Lifter / Sensor Foot System – having a way to lift and lower the presser foot without reaching behind to the back of the sewing machine is not only a time saver, but a life saver. Keeping both hands on the project while starting, stopping or pivoting is a sewers way to stay in complete control.

4. Stitch Regulator – for the free motion machine quilters, a stitch regulator helped them keep even stitches whether they were moving the fabric slow or fast. Stitch Regulators can be found on Bernina sewing machines.

5. LED Lighting – Not all light bulbs are created equal. Sewing on darker fabrics such as black or navy will bring to light (LOL) how good or awful your sewing light is. Newer sewing machines are now incorporating the newest in LED lighting technology. There are some sewing machine lighting that can allow you to sew in a completely dark room!

6. Automatic One-Step Buttonholes – making all buttonholes the same length without any work is the only way to go.

7. Variable Needle Positions – the more needle positions the better! Being able to have precision placement and alignment when sewing is key with numerous needle positions.

8. Auto Thread Cutter – machines can now cut both the upper thread and bobbin thread at the end of a seam with a touch of a single button. No more reaching for scissors or having threads to trim later.

9. Optional Accessories – being able to tailor a sewing machine to your own sewing needs with additional accessories can simplify many complex sewing tasks. Check to see how extensive the accessory options are before making your final decision.

10. Low Bobbin Sensor – it is nice to know BEFORE you run out of bobbin that it is time to refill it. Not all machines have this feature so ask before you make your decision and purchase.

11. Ability to wind a bobbin while sewing and/or without having to unthread the machine – time is precious! Some machines will wind a bobbin using a separate bobbin winding motor. Other machines allow the user to keep the thread threaded through the machine and take it right over to the bobbin winding area.

12. Large Bobbins – the more thread the better. There is no such thing as a “never ending” bobbin, but some machines have a BIGGER bobbin than others. If you like a thinner thread (like Aurifil 50wt. thread), then these bobbins will hold even more thread!

Take a minute to think about three additional items you would not want to live without…Would it be perfect tension? A better looking blanket stitch? Or how about wider decorative stitches? Bring in your own list of “Must Haves” when selecting your next new machine at Heirloom Creations and we can help match you to your perfect sewing machine.

There is no reason any sewer should settle on anything less than perfection!