49 Cupcakes Embroidered in 3 Days!

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery

Anita Goodesign Cupcake Workshop 24We recently hosted an Anita Goodesign workshop where people were invited to comment and embroider a cupcake pocket purse. Those that did not own an embroidery machine were provided one for the class. Owners of embroidery machines were invited to bring their machine and learn a new technique.

The pocket purse embroidery design is was created to be completely embroidered in the hoop. This technique is called “in the loop embroidery”. There are many designs that are made to be completely embroidered without any sewing needed.

We had 49 people and 49 cupcakes embroidered last week! What a blast!

Would you like to try out an embroidery machine?  We are offering additional workshops with other projects throughout the end of the year. Whether you own an important machine are not, join us for this fun class. Workshops are only $20 and include all fabrics, thread, stabilizer and the importer re-design. Each person also receives a bonus embroidery design collection valued at $59.

Anita-Goodesign-pocket-purse-workshopThe next couple workshops will include a confetti flower, a fabric bowl, and in the hoop Christmas potholder, cut work Christmas tree towel and in January we will embroider a snowman pillow. Visit our online class schedule all all upcoming workshops.

Workshops do fill up fast so sign-up as soon as you know your schedule.

We also have a two-day embroidery event scheduled for October 11 and 12th 2013 to be held at the Sioux Falls convention Center.

The cupcake embroidery design can be found on the pocket purse multi-formatted CD available on our website. Here is a video of how this cupcake is completely embroidered in the hoop.

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