Bernina’s BIG Book of Feet Author, Susan Beck, is Coming to Sioux Falls – AGAIN!

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

Susan Beck, the author of Bernina’s “BIG Book of Feet”, will be back teaching at Heirloom Creations in Sioux Falls, SD September 23-24, 2021. Susan knows every presser foot and accessory Bernina has ever made!

I am so excited! My former boss from Bernina of America is coming to teach AGAIN! Continue reading to learn more about the workshops.

Many of you know I started working for Bernina of America when I was 21. My first job with Bernina was working directing with Susan Beck as what I called myself the “Bernina Guinea Pig”.

What is a Bernina Guinea Pig?

My job (OMG…they paid me to do this!) was to test sew all the sewing patterns and educational material that Susan Beck wrote for Bernina of America to make sure everything was in the right order and nothing was left out. It was a dream job! I know I would not be able to do what I do know without the knowledge I learned from Susan Beck when I worked for her.

This September 2021 we have invited Susan Beck BACK to teach for us! 

We have selected two different 6-hour hands-on sewing workshops. Susan teaches these classes at the Bernina Learning Center in Chicago for almost TWICE the price as our workshop. These workshops will have a complete fabric and embellishment kit for each student attending. All you need to bring is the sewing machine and presser feet listed on the supply list. If you do not have every foot on the list, we will have extra feet for you to use (try out) during the workshop. 

These workshops are open to all brands of sewing machines.

Vintage Technique Tags Workshop

Learn new techniques using specialty presser feet, creating beautiful vintage-looking tags, each one a work of art. Spend a day with us having fun crafting and combining sewing with art and scrapbook techniques to create a unique and beautiful reference tag file. The kit includes tags with the ring, all fabrics, batting, and stabilizers as needed for techniques plus assorted trims, lace, buttons, charms, decorative papers, etc. 

Easy Embellishments Workshop

One of the most satisfying things about sewing is that you can use your own creative juices to make every project unique. Join us for a day of creativity and fun as we learn 20+ embellishment techniques using 9 specialty presser feet. Learn to add color, create texture and join fabrics in decorative ways as we explore these creative and easy techniques. The kit includes all fabrics, threads, batting, and stabilizers as needed for techniques plus assorted notions such as buttons, charms, ribbons, cords, etc. 

Don’t forget to bring your “BIG Book of Feet” or any of the other “BIG Book of…” for Susan to sign. Click here to learn more about the Bernina “BIG Book of Feet”.

Susan Beck

Susan Beck Biography

Susan has been crafting with fabric, needle, and thread since she was a young child and holds a bachelor’s degree in textiles and clothing along with a master’s degree in design. She likes all types of sewing but her favorite is mixed media – mixing fabric, paper, fibers, ephemeral mementos, photographs, trinkets, charms, etc. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years as an educator, writer, and editor for BERNINA of America, Susan is now a freelance teacher, blogger, and designer. She is the owner of, where she blogs and teaches about all types of sewing, focusing on using your sewing machine and presser feet to improve your sewing and expand your creativity.