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by Sara Snuggerud in Archives

Pop Quiz: What is one thing that frustrates you when you sit down to sew?

  • Is it not having enough hands to turn a tight corner?
  • Are you always having to turn the hand wheel to bring the needle up and out of the fabric?
  • Does your embroidery machine not embroider fast enough?
  • Is you embroidery hoop too small for some of your projects?

Now think about the millions of sewists in the world.

Do you think that you are the ONLY person who is frustrated with these same problems?

Probably not.

That is why inventors come up with creative new tools, innovative new sewing machines, and new techniques to help simplify the sewing experience.


It’s time to try something new! For example, the other day I tried a different brand of make-up remover just for kicks. My current brand worked just fine. (I must have been feeling adventurous that day.) To my surprise, I did not have to rub the cotton ball over my eye lids as many times. Eureka! I tried something new and it worked better than what I had been using.

Every year new sewing machines, new sewing gadgets, and products that we use everyday are improved upon. But we all get into our own ruts and we never try anything new. We order the same entree at our favorite restaurant, we drive home the same way every time, and some people still sew on the same sewing machine they bought 30 years ago. UGGG!

Now that the kids are back in school learning new ways to solve the same problems we had when we were kids, why not try something new ourselves! Maybe it is finally time to try out an embroidery machine for the first time. Or, maybe it’s time to take those free sewing machine mastery classes that came with your new sewing machine that is now two years old.

We all need to get out and try new things. What’s the worse thing that could happen? You could realize that either A, you learn a cool new way of doing something, or B, you officially determine you really like doing things the way you have always been doing them.

It is time to set NEW goals for your very own “school year”.

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Have you tried something new recently and discovered how much easier it is? Comment below and share with others what the latest sewing tip or trick you learned.

Do you have unanswered sewing questions? Post them as well.