Bernina Jeans Foot #8 / #8D

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by Sara Snuggerud in Foot of the Month

foot #8

The Bernina Jeans Foot #8 used to be standard accessory in with older Bernina sewing machines. I grew up always having the Jeans Foot #8 at my finger tips at most models of Bernina sewing machines I sat down to demonstrate. Recently it is more popular to include other cooler presser feet like the Open Toe Foot #20 or the Patchwork Foot #37 in with the machines. People were much more excited to receive these feet with their new Bernina sewing machines then the boring old Jeans foot #8. Most people don’t even know this gem of a foot exists.

By its name it is obvious it is used somewhere in conjunction with denim fabric and thick seams. But what makes it better than just using a standard presser foot? Trust me! When you use it over a thick denim seam, you just know that you will not break the needle and the stitching will be even.

Bernina Jeans Foot #8 how it works picture

For starters it is a straight stitch, center position only presser foot with an extra narrow needle opening. Matched with the cut out on the underneath side of the foot and the hinge of the foot it greatly stabilizes the sewing needle from getting unaligned and concentrates extra needle penetration when going through different thicknesses for fabric.  When partnered with a straight stitch throat plate, this often painful operation turns into a breeze.

On the flip side, Jeans Foot #8 is also ideal for straight-stitching medium weight and thin materials with a smaller sized needle. This will keep the needle piercing squirmy fabrics with the most beautiful straight stitch even seen.

For those of you who own a Bernina 7 Series or Bernina 8 Series machine, purchase the Jeans Foot #8D to work with the BERNINA Dual Feed.

Please contact your local Bernina dealer to purchase this foot.

Click here for more information on Bernina’s Website.