Can I Use Any Bobbin In My Machine?

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

Did you have any idea there were so many different kinds of bobbins?

Sewing machine accessories, like bobbins, seem to have a way of being held over from machine to machine. Often a box of bobbins wound with various colors of thread finds its way into a new sewing machine’s bobbin collection. If your machine has more than one style of bobbin with it, take a moment to find which the correct one for your machine is, and discard the rest.

The size of a bobbin must match precisely with the machine’s bobbin case. Just because a bobbin seems to be a similar size, the slightest difference can wreck havoc for its owner.

A sewing machine’s bobbin case tension set properly is based on the machine’s correct bobbin type. If a machine uses light weight plastic bobbins, the tension will be set differently than for a machine that uses a metal or heavier bobbin. Switching between plastic and metal bobbins will result in an unbalanced tension.

Bobbins that are too tall will interfere with the stitch formation especially for some machines with drop in bobbins. When a stitch is taken, thread will not be able to clear the top of the bobbin resulting in a wound up mess in the bobbin area.

Bobbins that are too small can fall out of the bobbin case of front loading machines as you are inserting it into the machine…the bobbin falls to the floor and runs away saying, “catch me if you can!”…very annoying!

To avoid unnecessary headaches, ALWAYS use the bobbin specified by the sewing machine manufacture. If you are unsure, which bobbins are the correct fit for your machine, stop by our service window with your machine’s make and model, and a sampling of your bobbins. We will sort them for you and show which the correct ones for your machine are.

Hate running out of bobbin thread in the middle of a project?


Check out the SideWinder! Never be without a full bobbin again! And the best part, you don’t have to unthread your sewing machine to wind a bobbin. The SideWinder comes with a plug in electrical cord or use optional batteries.

Once you have wound extra bobbins, store them in a Bobbin Saver.


Bobbin Savers keep filled bobbins neat, tidy and secure. The thread ends won’t unwind and become tangled. A Bobbin Saver full of filled bobbins travels well and they will not spill out, even when turned upside down. It is also easy to keep different weights of threads organized, like embroidery bobbin thread and regular sewing threads. Or if you have more than one brand of sewing machine, keep the bobbins separated with different colored Bobbin Savers, available in red, blue or lavender.

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