Every 3000 Miles

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Archives

In most cars on the road these days there is a little vinyl sticker in the upper left hand corner of the windshield. That’s right – the sticker that tells us when we are due for the next oil change. Today they give two numbers, a mileage number and a specific date. Most of us probably go by the mile or date that is furthest in the future, but every mechanic (and the sticker) will say that we should use the earliest date or mileage reading.

Our sewing machines, sergers and embroidery machines beg for regular yearly check-ups. They, too, are one of our closest family members. Is it the pecking order at home to go from family, pets, vehicles then sewing machines in the order they are enjoyed, looked after and used? Then why do we forget to give our dear sewing machine the very best?

Last week was my time to take my car in. I knew it needed an oil change and the front end was starting to get a bit shaky at highway speeds. Later that afternoon it was all set to go. My car was sitting their waiting for me all shiny new looking from a complimentary car wash, and its four brand new tires. I turned the key and away we went. HEAVEN! It was like when I first drove it home when I bought it!

It is time! If your sewing machine as not been opened and completely serviced recently, call and make a same-day appointment today! Or if you have time to leave it for a couple days, we will clean it in our regular service rotation and call you as soon as it is finished. Our service guys will treat your sewing machine just like it was their very own. Click here to read A Sewing Machine Technician’s Check List.

Nothing feels like HEAVEN like sewing on a brand new sewing machine. Have you forgotten what your sewing machine felt like when you first bought it? Just like when I stepped into my newly serviced and cleaned car last week, it felt so good! If you have recently sewed a project that made everything on it, in it and around your sewing machine linty, do not bother cleaning it yourself. Just bring in the entire sewing machine and its case for us to do the dirty work for you.

Gary and Ryan take so much pride in cleaning both the inside and outside of sewing machines we have heard people say, “That’s can’t be my sewing machine. Mine did not look that new when I brought it in!”

Recently, we have started a collection of pictures of things we have found in sewing machines. Watch for additional pictures as we see them!

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