Getting the Sewing Room Organized

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

In June 2012, we highlighted a variety of sewing room organizing tips at the Sewtopia Sewing Club. Here is a short recap of the tips and projects for getting the sewing room organized.


“Kraft Krates” pattern

Getting Organized
#1: Invest in a functional sewing cabinet.
#2: Start with a blank slate.
#3: Use creative storage solutions.
#4: Maximize your storage space by going vertical.
#5: Consider a standing work area.
#6: Have fun with labeling.
#7: Infuse your space with personal touches.

Embroidery Hoop Wall Pocket
Take a regular wooden embroidery hoop, add accent fabric and sew in organizing pockets. Click here for free directions and pattern download. (You will need to log into this website to get the pattern).

Fabric Lined Box
Take a diaper box (or any size box once you understand the pattern) and make a decorative liner to help with coordinating the organizing process. Click here for the free directions and pattern:


The following is the items from our Getting Organized Pinterest board.