Give Your Quilts the Finish They Deserve

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

Don’t slap a quick finish on that quilt you’ve been sewing for months — learn the fun, fast way to add beautiful binding! Join me, award–winning quilter Susan K. Cleveland, in my online Craftsy class, The Perfect Finish: How to Bind a Quilt, and turn simple pieces into sensational projects with professional–quality binding.

Quilters are always surprised when I tell them binding is my favorite part of the process, but once you’ve discovered the smart tricks and techniques in this class, it just might become yours, too! I’ll show you the easy, efficient way to finish any quilt with crisp, clean binding, starting with essential prep tips. From selecting your batting and squaring your quilt to staystitching and pin basting, find out how to set yourself up for binding success.

Next, I’ll guide you step by step through adding plain binding to your projects. Learn how to choose fabric to complement a variety of quilt styles, and discover my time–saving methods for cutting and joining accurate binding strips. All that’s left to do is to apply your binding and join the tails, for a fast, fantastic finish!

Once we’ve tackled binding, you’ll find out how to finish the back of your quilt like a pro. I’ll show you how to fill your binding for a plump, refined look, and help you achieve perfectly mitered corners. Pick up my favorite tips for flawless hand– and machine stitching, and learn how to keep your hands pain–free when working.

Then, find out how to add eye–catching appeal to your quilts with piping! Follow along as I break down the basics, and discover my go–to methods for sewing cord into your piping and securely applying it to your quilt.

One good embellishment deserves another, and in our next lesson, you’ll learn how to apply binding over a piped edge. Avoid bulky corners with mitering, and achieve a sophisticated finish with my can’t–miss trick for joining tails.

Next, add wow–worthy style to your quilt with a variety of creative binding options. I’ll show you how to sew and apply wide–piped, odd–angle and curved–edge binding, and share a few of my original binding designs for inspiration.

Finally, we’ll dive into a range of colorful bindings using thread and trims. Discover how to incorporate decorative ribbons and rickrack, and add dimensional accents with with perfect prairie points.

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Binding has always been my favorite part of the quiltmaking experience — friends tease me that I’ll make anything in order to think up a special binding! My quilts have won awards in the U.S. and internationally, and have been featured in magazines including Modern Quilts Unlimited and American Quilter. I’m thrilled to be joining you in Craftsy’s incredible online classroom, in online video–lessons you can watch anywhere, anytime, forever.

Learn essential techniques to make binding a breeze, and give your quilts the beautiful finish they deserve!

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Susan Cleveland | Craftsy Instructor