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We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Updates


What is

We take sewing machines, open them up and film a short YouTube video on every topic on every page of the manual. Whether you have owned your machine for one week or five years, there is so much we forget. is here to help you remember and use every part of your sewing machine, embroidery machine or serger. is not meant to replace your local dealer. But even I, Sara Snuggerud, the one who filmed all 2,400+ videos, forgets how to do something on a particular machine model. At least I knew I could always go back and look up the information.

Which Machines are Available Now?

Currently we have posted the following models:

Bernina 215
Bernina 330
Bernina 350
Bernina 380
Bernina 530
Bernina 550
Bernina 560E
Bernina 710
Bernina 770E
Bernina Sergers
Bernette Sewing Machine

Husqvarna Viking E-10
Husqvarna Viking E-20
Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116
Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118
Husqvarna Viking Opal 670
Husqvarna Viking Opal 650
Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930
Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 960Q
Husqvarna Viking Ruby
Husqvarna Viking Diamond
Viking Sergers

Pfaff Passport 3.0
Pfaff Performance 5.2

Brother CS6000i
Singer Heavy Duty 4423


Why So Many Videos?

We have learned that short 1-3 minute videos are what people want to watch. Most of us don’t want to wade through a 45 minute video just to figure out how to move the needle or how to sew a buttonhole. With shorter videos on a searchable list, you can watch the videos you are interested in when you need them and come back later for the others. If you want to watch them all, we have placed them in an easy to understand order such as machine set up, selecting stitches, tension questions at the beginning of the list with the more detailed techniques such as tapering and smocking stitches toward the end.

Use BEFORE Buying a New Sewing Machine

Take time to watch videos about a machine you are considering purchasing. Does it offer everything you want to use it for? Or should you look at the next model up? When investing in a sewing machine, give yourself “growing in room”. Because once you have a wonderful new sewing machine, you will want to tackle more advance projects. Will you be sad you settled for less? Or will you be happy you selected the model with a few extra perks!

What if I Own an Older Model?

At this time we will be focusing on current machines available as of 2013 and forward. We suggest watching a variety of videos already made for your brand’s machine to learn helpful information that can be applied to most sewing machine models.

Ways You Can Use

After taking your hands-on classes from your sewing machine dealer, use these videos to keep your newly learned information fresh in your mind. If you have owned your machine for many years, these videos will remind you of many features you probably have forgotten about.

What About Other Brands of Machines?

We are an authorized sewing machine dealer for Bernina, Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff sewing machines. Since we have unlimited access to these sewing machine models we will be focusing on completing these videos first.


Are You a Sewing Machine Dealer?

You are welcome to use this site in any way you wish! Share it with your new sewing machine owners. Share it with machine owners who need a refresher course. Even use it to train new employees!

NOTE: You still need to adhere to your sewing machine manufacture’s contract commitment to offer hands-on classes to everyone who purchases a machine from your store.

Do You Live Outside the USA?

We receive many sewing machine questions via e-mail from people needing help who live in other countries outside the USA. Through broken English and GOOGLE translator (Thank You Google!!!) we have helped numerous people use their sewing machines to continue on their creative journey.

Closed Captioned for Hearing Impaired

For our customers who are hearing impaired, we have had many of our videos professionally transcribed. This will allow text to be flow along with the video images for a higher learning option. Please use YouTube’s Closed Captioning feature to help learn your sewing machine’s wonderful features.


How Got Started

What started as “Hey, you should do a couple videos on these machines,” has turned into an International resource for sewing machine users with over 2,400 videos on 43 different sewing machines models spanning five different sewing machine brands.

Let me back up a few years. Steve, my inspiring husband and the man with a million ideas all before breakfast presented me with two options one morning.

Click here to continue reading…

Thank You!

Thank you to all the fans who have encouraged up to continue posting new sewing machine tutorials on new machines. If we have not yet filmed the exact model you own, know that it is on the list! Watch as new machines get filmed by following us on Facebook or sign up for the SewingMastery e-mails.

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  1. Dorset Boronia says:

    What a great facility! I could not get my feed dogs up. H V Designer Diamond – 10 years old, wonderful machine never had any trouble. Mostly used for embroidery now I have an Opal 690Q for quilting and general sewing. I could not find “turn off free motion floating icon.” Googled and up came exactly correct advice with your tutorial. Thank you Thank you Thank you. It is Sunday so could not ask my shop- even if they did know. You have kept me sewing when I was despairing. No more wasted time! Australia is very lacking as far as sewing is concerned. I cant thank you enough for your generosity.
    Dorrie in Melbourne Australia

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Dorset – Glad we could help!

  2. evelyn rouse says:

    for my machine Hi I’ve enjoyed your vidios Designer Diamond Royal. I have a problem finding instruction for the designs in the sampler book.I went on line trying to find instructions for a blanket with cut work flowers I asked my dealer no help. Is there email address for husqvarna designs? I have found a few instructions but not for these designs. thanks for your

    1. heirloomc says:

      Hi Evelyn, You can always send an email to

  3. Jackie Ridlon says:

    I have a Designer Deluxe ,is there a mastery program for it?

    1. heirloomc says:

      Hi Jackie, We didn’t do any of the Deluxe machines but the Royale’s are very similar.

  4. Janice Treble says:

    Will you be doing the husqvarna Viking epic?

    1. Sara says:

      Thank you for asking. We have an advanced Viking Designer EPIC series of videos in the works.

  5. Vi Callihan says:

    I have the HusqvarnaViking Topaz 20.
    I’m beginner machine embroidery.
    I want to center two rows if fonts; for instance “MILAN” on one line and “WILDCATS” on the second line. Thanking you in advance,

    1. heirloomc says:

      Hi Vi, Video 63 on the Topaz 20 goes through working with lettering.

  6. Christine says:

    Absolutely wonderful and thank you! I think every dealer should have all their employees watch all these videos.

    Could I make a request? The Pfaffs that have 3 different free motion mode. I have yet to find a clear explanation of what feet to use with each mode, the differences of each mode, the strengths of each mode and more importantly when would one mode be more advantageous over another, is just personal preference or are there circumstances when one is better than another to use?

    1. heirloomc says:

      Hi Christine, Thanks for the feedback. We will add that to our future list.

  7. Becky says:

    The videos on the Designer Diamond Royal were fantastic! I sew at night and to be able to refer to the videos when I ran into trouble such a relief. I just upgraded to the Pfaff Creative Icon any plans for videos soon?
    Thank you so much

  8. Marilyn Adcock says:

    I have loved the videos on the Designer Diamond. Thanks so very much. I live 2 hours from any Viking dealer so your videos have been a wealth of information for me. AND they are so well done. I upgraded to a Viking Epic about a year ago and am excitedly waiting for your videos on that machine. I hope you realize what a great service you are doing. Thanks again.

  9. Carol Bax says:

    Any chance you do instructional videos on the Premier Plus,2 embroidery software?
    or know of where one could get help?

    1. heirloomc says:

      Hi Carol, We are just working on machines. The best software tutorials are available in the Vantage program.

      1. Carol Bax says:

        thanks for your help.

  10. Kathryn wilson says:

    Any plans for some of your outstanding instructional videos on the bernina 5 series. Im saving to purchase the 535 so im just hoping!

    1. Sara says:

      Our goal to to film all current line Bernina machines. While you are waiting, many of the other Bernina machine videos are very similar to the Bernina 5 series such as the Bernina 560 we just filmed.

  11. Cindy says:

    Wish you had Janome mc 11000 see videos.
    I know that it can be used more creatively than I’m able. Will watch for them..

  12. Kathy says:

    I have a Bernina 765 and had the update done recently. Could you do a video on the new features, especially how to add purchased alphabet fonts to use for wording. Many thanks, so glad I found your videos, great job.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Kathy, At this time we would recommend having your local Bernina retailer walk you through the upgrade features. Thanks for watching our videos.

  13. Joyce says:

    I am seeing a few icons on my Bernina 770QE that I can’t figure out what they are. I’ve searched the internet, my manual and asked my dealer, and Cannot find answers. I would like to send photos but this site won’t let me.

    1. Sara says:

      You can send an e-mail to

  14. Christine Harvey says:

    Hello, Just found this spot to drop an email. I have the Husqvarna Viking Ruby Royale, your tutorials are excellent. I have learned so much. i want to try doing ruler work on my Ruby, did find the part # 920508096, the new foot (from Viking), so far no luck in finding out what the settings would be for the Ruby and how to use it. Do you know when the new foot will be coming out? . Do you think you could possibly do a tutorial on this ruler foot with the Ruby. Thank you so much.

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Christine, Thanks for watching our videos. The new Ruler Foot from Viking is only for the Viking Epic, Designer Brilliance and the Brilliance 75Q.

      You will want to purchase the Westalee Ruler Foot for the viking ruby. If you can not find them at your Viking store, you are welcome to call us at Heirloom Creations 605-332-4435. Thanks!

  15. Joyce Spreng says:

    When will you have lesson on Epic 2

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Joyce, It is on the list to film. In the meantime, please consider checking out our two online courses to help you master your new Epic 2.

      We have the Embroidery Essentials online course to help you learn the embroidery side of your machine:

      We have the Husqvarna Viking Stitching Cosmos to help you learn the sewing machine and accessories side of your machine:

      These should help you greatly get the most our of your new Husqvarna Viking EPIC 2.


      Sara Snuggerud

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