Judeen & Sara Go Head-to-Head on Embroidery Software!

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Judeen & Sara software demo

Judeen & Sara are going head-to-head on Friday, February 5, 2016 in an all out embroidery software bout!

In Judeen’s corner, she is being backed up by the best of the Bernina Designer Plus Version 7 embroidery software.

Bernina software v7 website banner

“The BERNINA software lets you whip up countless attractive designs
and use your creative potential to the fullest. Design your own
motifs and borders on your PC, then rotate, resize, and mirror them.”

In Sara’s corner, she is being backed up by the best of the Husqvarna Viking Premier+ ULTRA embroidery software.

Viking Premier Software

“PREMIER+™ Embroidery software gives you creative freedom to design beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments,
accessories, home furnishings, and more. The PREMIER+™ Embroidery System offers you a
new level of creativity and ease of use, powered by modern
Windows®10, Windows®8 and Windows® 7 technology.”

On Friday, February 5, 2016, these two embroidery heavy weights will square off in an all day demo marathon. Each hour on the hour, each contender will take the stage to showcase their best embroidery abilities. At the end of each session, YOU will decide who the winner is.

Class Fee: FREE with RSVP

10 – 11am   Bernina Software
11 – 12pm   Viking Software
12 – 1pm     Bernina Software
1 – 2pm       Viking Software
2 – 3pm      Bernina Software
3 – 4pm      Viking Software
4 – 5pm      Bernina Software
5 – 6pm      Viking Software

Fun and games aside, when it comes to embroidery software, most people do not take the time to really research and compare software packages. They look at the machine brand they own (i.e. Bernina, Husqvarna Viking) and purchase that machine’s software package. But was that really the best software package for what they do? Not always. Many times after embroidery software is purchased, they realize they should have bought a different level or brand all together. The differences even between the Bernina Designer Plus 7 and the Husqvarna Viking Premier+ embroidery software is NIGHT and DAY!!!

If you own an embroidery machine but you don’t know if you should own embroidery software. We have set this day aside for you to compare our two most popular embroidery software packages side by side. First, come and learn what embroidery software is even about. Then choose the best one for what you want to use it for with your own embroidery machine.  If you already own Bernina or Viking embroidery software you also are welcome to attend to pick up some extra tips just by watching!

If you already own embroidery software, did you buy the right one? Do you want to see what the difference between the levels really are all about? You too are welcome to come explore the differences between the two softwares.

We often hear people ask whether they should upgrade their embroidery machine to something fancier. Once we ask what they are wanting to do, the answer is usually to look into purchasing embroidery software. They are wanting to design their own designs, combine designs or have the option for more embroidery lettering styles and layouts. You will not find this on a fancier machine. The answer is in the computerized embroidery software.

Plan to join us for one of the scheduled software segment times and see what new things your embroidery machine can do. Think of your embroidery machine as a “Printer with Thread”. You just need to tell it what new things to PRINT!