Kate’s BIG Binding Quilt Pattern

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

When Kate was 1 year old she would often say in her deepest voice “BIG bite” when she took a mouth full or “BIG ball” when we brought home a ball twice her size, hence the name of this new quilt pattern. This quilt is super fast to complete completely on the machine, has a wonderfully weighted binding around the edge, and can be made into any desired size.

Click here to download Kate’s BIG Binding quilt pattern.

Watch the video for some of the tricks and tips that make this quilt so easy to sew.

The pattern requires 1 yard of fabric for the front, 1 yard of fabric for the back, 2 yards of fabric for the binding, and a piece of cotton batting.

Kate’s BIG Binding quilt pattern also includes a formula to plug in your own quilt size to figure out the proper front, back, and binding strips needed to go around your own quilt.

Then, select one of those great decorative stitches to complete the final stitching around the entire quilt!

This is a great baby quilt size, charity quilt donation, or even something small like a doll quilt.