Mariners Compass Embroidery Designs

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by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery

Would you believe these quilts are completely embroidered?



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For this Special Edition embroidery collection they have taken a traditional Mariners Compass quilt pattern and turned it into a work of art! This collection has dozens of options to create everything from a bedspread to a table centerpiece. There are 15 different compasses as well as tons of border options, including scalloped borders. Besides the scalloped borders, we are also introducing our cross pieces. The cross pieces go between the larger blocks to add exciting transitions. Here are additional Mariner Compass layouts included with the embroidery design collection.

Each of the designs in this collection come in 4 different sizes. This allows a quilt of any size, using any hoop, 5×7 or larger. Each individual shape has four different sizes: A, B, C and D size. These sizes coordinate with the standard block sizes: 8”, 7”, 6” or 5” squares. When you are creating your quilt be sure to use the same size with each of the components. All A-Sizes, All B-sizes etc, this will make sure all of your components fit perfectly when assembling the quilt. The design pages will list each of the individual designs and their prospective sizes.

This collection doesn’t just come with basic square quilt blocks. There are 2 different mitered corners and cross border pieces. With these combinations you can create hundreds of different quilts!

The method used to create the Mariner’s Compass blocks is similar to embroidery applique. Each complete design is made up of elements that will guide you for fabric placement and trimming. Where the fabric looks like it has been seamed together, the embroidery design will guide you to place the fabric right side down, stitch a straight line, and then have you flip the fabric back, similar to paper piecing.

With so many included embroidery parts and pieces, this embroidery design collection from and Anita Goodesign will offer unlimited creativity  for numerous mariner’s compass quilt blocks. With every design layout being different there is no limit to the possibilities.

Join us for future hands-on classes to master this technique as well as other unique embroidery in the hoop projects from Anita good design embroidery company. Check our online calendar for upcoming events and workshops. If you don’t own an embroidery machine we will have machines available for you to use at no additional charge.

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Visit Anita Goodesign’s website for additional information and available design collections. Anita Goodesign has been creating embroidery designs for almost 10 years. There goal has been simple: create the best designs in the industry and make them affordable to home embroiderers. With 3 full-time artists, an immensely talented staff,  and a completely “in-house” process from designs, to CD’s, to advertisements, to sales, they have been able to accomplish that goal and remain the leader in home embroidery designs with affordable prices.

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