OESD Holiday Collection Lace Box –

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery, Sewing Tips

OESD’s Holiday Collection #2 2011 features a lace box that has a two-piece embroidery box with bow. It will easily fit a Lindor chocolate to give you an idea of its size. This collection of lace boxes were embroidered to be given out at our first annual Pinterest Party, December 2012.

The entire box “buttons” together through the embroidered looped and eyes stitched at the proper places. Use a small sharp set of tweezers to help with assembling. The separately embroidered bow stitches in one flat piece and is also buttoned into shape. It also buttons itself to the top of the box.

Unbutton the box to hide a small gift, candy or ornament. This would be a fun Advent Calendar…stitch them in different colors and put a small surprise in each one.

Or add a small ribbon and hang it as an ornament.

This is the cover the the original CD package…check and see if you already own it!

This collection is available to download. Click here.