Our EZ Wallets Take a Presidential White House Tour!

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

To tour the White House, you are very limited to what you can take in with you. Since no pictures or videos are allowed you really only need your picture ID, ticket, cash, and maybe a credit card. To breeze through security, everything else should be left in the car.

Click here to download the EZ Wallet pattern.

Recently we learned that one of our EZ Wallets took a Presidential White House tour. It was the perfect size for just the basic ID and money items! Tuck this compact holder into any pocket and enjoy the tour!

Sew up a couple for friends, family, and have a few on hand to give out on a whim.

Another customer keeps a few extra in her purse to hand out to friends who comment that they like her EZ Wallet. They are thrilled when she takes one out of her purse and hands one to them. What an EZ way to make someone’s day!